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Rick Scott and 2012 political elections…

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( Unlike other high profile tea party governors like Rick Snyder of Michigan, Ohio’s John Kasich and Scott Walker of Wisconsin, Florida Gov. Rick Scott has largely flown under the national media radar.

Scott has made some waves with some of his policies, which while popular with the tea party, have helped make him, along with Kasich and Walker, one of the country’s most unpopular governors.

He turned down billions of federal dollars for high speed rail, angering Republicans and Democrats who had put the rail deal together over the course  of nearly a decade. He has also pushed to privatize prisons (prompting a lawsuit and an ethics complaint); signed a bill barring doctors from talking to their patients about guns in the home (which was blocked by a federal judge in September) — and he pushed for, then signed a law requiring welfare recipients to get drug tested, and pay for it (drawing yet another lawsuit.)

And Florida is the tip of the spear for conservatives’ battle against the Affordable Care Act, which conservatives refer to as “Obamacare.” Florida has taken the lead in a 14-state lawsuit against the federal government, seeking to void the individual mandate requiring all Americans to purchase health insurance or face a tax penalty — Florida’s case will be heard by the Supreme Court.

Scott, a former hospital executive whose company paid a record $1.7 billion fine for Medicare fraud in the 1990s, cut his political teeth as a health care opponent, founding the group Conservatives for Patients Rights to battle health care reform in 2009.

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4 Responses to “Rick Scott and 2012 political elections…”
  1. I believe this is correct. I also believe this is the kind of plan that we are likley to end up with, though somewhat less generous as it will be forced on us by our creditors who won’t give a hair about healthcare for seniors and the needy. Read “Penny Medical” articles if you dont have insurance.

  2. sl says:

    Just one more comment……How in the Heck did this horrible person, R Scott, get elected? I CAN’t understand WHO might have wanted an arrogant, pompous, INDIFFERENT, out-of-touch, elitist ex-CEO as our Governor????

    It is shocking that he won, shocking we lost the High Speed Rail, shocking that the Citizens of Florida aren’t more upset! I am appalled by this reptile!

  3. sl says:

    I am not a convicted felon – but why SHOULDN’T rehabilitated felons regain the right to vote? NOTE: was’t Scott accused of multiple FELONIES when he was CEO of his Private Hospital Chain? Obviously, Scott bought his way out of Legal problems. (It’s also ironic: R Scott ran a chain of Privatized Hospitals & Repub Pres Candidate Cain ran a chain of Pizza Restaraunts – these two are a two-man Republican ‘Chain Gang’.

    R Scott must be FIRED ASAP – I hope Voters in Florida grow some brain cells & ensure Scott is sent packing. Scott is BLIGHT on our state.


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