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Black America is Self Destructing…

October 25, 2011 by  
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( It is quite evident that Black folks in the U.S. are at the bottom of every good category and at the top of every bad one. You know the stats; they are released every month or so and paint a dreary picture of our status when it comes to incarceration, education, health, employment, net worth, income, life expectancy, and overall political and economic empowerment. With all of this going for us, you would think we’d be spending a great deal of time on initiatives and strategies, both individual and collective, to improve our bleak situation.

Instead of circling our wagons we seem to have formed a circular firing squad, and some of us are firing away. We are killing one another with barbs and insults, which allows the real enemy to sit back and ignore us when it comes to reciprocity in political circles and in the marketplace.

Let’s take a look at our inappropriate behavior. We have Cornel West and Tavis Smiley kicking Barrack Obama in the behind, Al Sharpton, Melissa Harris-Perry, and Steve Harvey returning the flak to West and Smiley. President  Obama socked it to the Congressional Black Caucus with his “stop  complaining…” comments which, as Smiley and others noted, were not said to the Jewish, Hispanic, and Gay groups. Brother Sharpton scolded the Ohio Legislative Black Caucus, telling them they, “got too comfortable” and “too low down to stand up for (themselves).” And Black critics of Sharpton are saying he is more symbolism than substance.

Then there are the so-called Black conservatives. I cannot name them all so I’ll characterize their group with the likes of Clarence Thomas, Allen West, and Michael Steele (But who knows what he is these days, since his Repub buddies took his job?) These guys and a few gals are incessantly lobbing grenades at Obama and other Black folks with whom they disagree. They even lambast Blacks who, through no fault of their own, find themselves at the very bottom of our society.

Clarence Thomas is quieter than usual these days; I guess he’s busy trying figure out why he didn’t know about that $700,000 his wife was paid by the Heritage Foundation. Allen West said Obama is “the dumbest person walking around in America right now”; he also said the President “should put himself in harm’s way” when he goes to war zones.

To top it all off, we have Herman Cain, the Great Black Hope for the Republicans. He is putting in his time as the current “front-runner” for the presidential nomination in 2012. Of the many times I have seen him on TV, and even recently in my hometown, Cincinnati, Ohio, I have never seen another Black person around him, at least not in camera-shot. Nonetheless, Herman is holding his own as he drops H-bombs on Obama, grinning all the way to the bank.

In the last Republican candidates debate, Herman took a lickin’ and kept on tickin’. His famous “Nine, Nine, Nine” Plan was trashed not only by his colleagues, as he called them, but it has been highly criticized by many others as a plan that will not work and will not be passed if he becomes President. I guess a lot of his critics are German because they are saying, “Nein, Nein, Nein” to Herman’s plan.

Reminiscent of Booker T. and W.E.B. and later Garvey and W.E.B., along with T. Thomas Fortune and Monroe Trotter, to the more recent sibling rivalry skirmishes between Sharpton and Eddie Long over George W. Bush’s invitations to the White House, the Urban League and the NAACP over Bush attending the former’s convention and ignoring the latter’s, Black folks are again taking sides. We are dividing ourselves into hostile camps, firing at one another and taking ourselves out, which is surely a prescription for continued failure.

I am not suggesting that we should all think alike and act alike; I am not saying that we should not criticize our Black President; I am not saying that individual opinions don’t count; but I am saying that there has to be someone among us who is intelligent enough and has enough collective influence on Black people to stop our suicide mission. But I could be wrong.

Our choices as regards our current economic and political activism in this country – and in the world – will lead us to one of two broad outcomes: Complete assimilation or collective empowerment. As my first book was titled, Economic Empowerment or Economic Enslavement – We have a choice, it is up to us, brothers and sisters. We can determine our fate or we can choose to acquiesce to a system in which we, as the number three group in this country, got very little when we were number two.

From my vantage point, both historically and on a contemporary basis, we are imploding. So much so that outsiders have no need to concede to any of our demands for parity. Societies fall from internal strife, and if our current actions continue, Black folks in America will succumb to the same fate.

Written By  James E. Clingman

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11 Responses to “Black America is Self Destructing…”
  1. Doug Allen says:

    I can not hire black males anymore. What has happened? We used to get great black tradesmen on our jobsites. They were the best Masons and Carpenters. Now, I can not get black men who are hard working and steady. Shame. My grandfather always told me the black carpenters and masons were the best. They worked hard and had “the eye.” Not anymore. The men I see now are sullen and always trying to work a hustle. If I hire them, they will sue me for something.

  2. @2think55 says:

    “They even lambast Blacks who, THROUGH NO FAULT OF THEIR OWN, find themselves at the very bottom of our society.”

    Until we each, as adults, individually take responsibility for ourselves we will be stuck in the codependent triangle of persecutor, victim, rescuer … all coming from the neurotic need to control others through our victimhood, through rescuing (the left), through persecution (the man). Enough already. The two giggling black women who were rejoicing when Obama was elected because now they would get Obama money are part of the problem, not part of the solution. There IS NO OBAMA MONEY! If you work and pay taxes, it is YOUR MONEY! Start educating your brothers and sisters.

    I graduated from an “integrated” Catholic girls high school in downtown Los Angeles in 1960 when white consciousness was being raised about the immorality of racism. There was no welfare state. None of us were “rich” … all our families were one paycheck away from not eating. We didn’t think we were poor, either. We didn’t think we were victims. We were expected to succeed or fail on our own merits. The straight A students were black, hispanic, asian, white. The class officers were black, hispanic, asian, white. An equal number of blacks, hispanics, asians, and whites went on to college. Can I tell you how lucky I feel that I was born and raised before the mentality of entitlement took hold and ABSOLUTELY RUINED the civil rights movement.

    Let’s teach the next generation to stop expecting someone else to fish for them. Let’s teach them to fish for themselves. Stop the insanity.

  3. DG says:

    FYI we had a civil war that killed quite a few people in this country over ‘disagreements’

  4. TG says:

    These are only my thoughts and I speak from the “conservative” side of things. I am not a confrontational person, but this issue reaches much further then black on black. It is infighting on all levels in American Society and to label it just as a black thing is wrong in my personal opinion. Here is what I wrote and like I said I speak for myself and no one else. This is my blog article I wrote last night.

  5. DG says:

    “From my vantage point, both historically and on a contemporary basis, we are imploding. So much so that outsiders have no need to concede to any of our demands for parity. Societies fall from internal strife, and if our current actions continue, Black folks in America will succumb to the same fate.” – James

    One final point. James Madison, one of the founders of the constitution was the leader in creating the three party system, and the bicameral system of congress precisely because of CONFLICT. Debate on the process of law lead to incremental change, which stabilized the government.

    Mr. Clingman, if your assertion above is true, then whites would have self-destructed long ago. Have you seen the live debates in Britain, where those guys go back and forth like it is a snapping contest in the hood?

    How about the historical debate in this country between the right and the left, between labor and management.

    Conflict is inherent in any group that has a diverse way of viewing the world. We are no exception.

    We hate it when we are lumped all into one group, yet when we have strong and intelligent disagreements people scream “The sky is falling for black folks, they disagree!!”

  6. DG says:

    I absolutely DISAGREE James.

    1st we have been on the bottom of every statistical category since we were brought over. So nothing new, you can’t use the current situation to define that.

    2nd we have never been a single minded group ever. We now just have the capacity to have our disagreement more visual. I have no problem with that.

    I don’t mind rabid disagreement. That is what democracy is for. To assume that somehow being a single minded group is the best for us is dumb. Innovation occurs through competition, conflict, AND collaboration, not just collaboration.

    The question for each of these different groups of that disagree is this, do their critiques and ideologies have merit?

  7. natalie says:

    At paula…there are many that would suggest that females have become the ” new man” as well.

  8. liquidify says:

    I think it is very important to understand the role that government plays in this.

    The government has set in place a system of generational poverty through its welfare programs which are inhabited mostly by black people.

    When people grow up in government homes and get their money from the government, they have little incentive to be creative and work to better themselves. Then they lose track of their identity and lose all drive to make a difference in the world.

    It is time to start asking your politicians to scale these social welfare systems back to levels where only those who can’t work because of some kinda of disability can get on them. Then you will start seeing the power of black America again. Barack Obama has actually been one of the worst presidents for black people as he has scaled up the massive amount of welfare which goes to poor people who for the most part don’t need it.

    Understand these welfare systems are a form of slavery. They call it generational poverty because once you get into the system, you will stay there, and so will your kids, and possibly their kids unless the country goes so broke we can’t pay for the programs.

    Its time for a Ron Paul who wants to reduce the size of government.

  9. Paula E says:

    Speak My Brother,
    We as a people are the most self-destructing race in the world. When did it start? What happened? Was it when we were warring tribes in Africa? When we sold our enemies to the Portuguese and Anglo that we hated ourselves so much? Or when we they were beating our language out of us into submission; that this self hatetred is still engrained in our culture today? The whole world has a negitive image of Black People never standing together. Time after time we(Black People) I Miss the Black Male; He has turned into the New woman. They are sitting back laughing at us while we implode.

  10. Bryneen Gary says:

    Black America may need to Spread more Love and decrease silence

  11. jd says:

    that’s what happens with de-segregation.. according to my black professor, that was the worst thing to ever happen to the black community. many older blacks that i have interacted with told me the same. there was what you say a “consensus” in the community as a whole. there were black schools that catered to black children in the community, black police officers in their community, and there was more local businesses owned by blacks in the black community.
    with integration, you will always have hybrid perspectives, and black people identifying with groups or individuals that are not black. interracial marriages, and black people moving to white neighborhoods. not sure if this what MLK had in mind.

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