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Is Entrepreneurship Right For You? What Business Ownership Is and Isn’t…


(ThyBlackMan.com) Being an entrepreneur can be extremely rewarding for both financial and personal reasons.  Imagine the day when you can tell that crazy boss to kick rocks! Or how about having that extra income from a part time business so you can pay for you kids school clothes, and maybe have something on the side to put in savings for a rainy day.  No doubt about it becoming an entrepreneur is something everyone one should consider, even if it is something that they ultimately choose not to do.

There are some things to consider in order to make sure that you understand what entrepreneurship is so you can make the right decision on when you will become your own boss. 

What entrepreneurship is not

Entrepreneurship is not “Hitting the lottery“.  Simply because you are a business owner doesn’t mean dollars are going to fall from the sky and you will be taking $20,000.00 vacations twice a year.  Could it happen? Absolutely but  you can’t go into business ownership thinking that that is what it is.

What entrepreneurship is

Entrepreneurship is a long term strategy to build wealth and independence.  Most small business owners build their business over time in a long term, very personal and very rewarding process.  They establish ownership goals, and build profits and cash flow through hard work and effort.  Remember, many overnight successes are actually years in the making.

What entrepreneurship is not

Entrepreneurship is not a job, you can’t expect consistent pay and benefits all the time.  When people ask me about leaving their job to own a business the first thing I ask them is if they like to surf board.  Entrepreneurship is like surfing in that sometimes you will ride high on the wave and sometimes you will be tossed off the board in shallow waters.  Because owning a small business comes with taking risk you also risk being on the downside of the wave at times.  You have to prepare for this through intelligence and planning.

What entrepreneurship is

Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, it is part of who you are because it is yours.  Because entrepreneurship is not a job, and you can’t expect a check every other week it also gives you flexibility.  You don’t have a boss breathing down your neck all the time, and you have the ability to take days off when you want too as long as it doesn’t negatively impact the business.  Because you are the owner it is part of your very existence and lives or dies by your energy and talent.  If you don’t work hard you don’t get paid. If you work hard and smart you have the potential to build much more wealth than if you were working for someone else.

So if you are willing to take a chance on ownership, of creating a plan to tell your boss goodbye, and building long term wealth for you and your family, think about entrepreneurship.  If it isn’t right for you today, then plan for it to be right for you tomorrow!

Staff Writer; Dell Gines

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