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Ron Paul & Herman Cain’s Different Philosophies…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) This morning Arthur Lewin wrote an excellent article on Ron Paul Vs Herman Cain Vs Barrack Obama.  He made great points on how each of the two potential Republican candidates have been pushed aside by the press as individuals who “can’t win” even though they are doing great in polls.  His article can be seen here – http://thyblackman.com/2011/09/28/ron-paul-vs-herman-cain-vs-barack-obama/ (——

I wanted to add one addition to Brother Lewin’s article.  The addition is to help our readers here at Thy Blackman understand a few basic differences between being a conservative and being a libertarian.  Examining these two candidates will do a good job of helping do that.


Ron Paul is a libertarian, Herman Cain is a far right conservative. This makes them almost as different as a Republican versus a Democrat. 

Libertarians want no government intrusion. They hate government butting into their lives. They want the government removed from all personal decisions. They believe strongly in the right of each individual to live the life that they choose as long as living that life doesn’t hurt the ability of another person to live their own life.

Conservatives hold to the idea of a smaller government but not necessarily a non-intrusive government.  They don’t mind the government being involved in personal decisions if those decisions fit with their conservative perspective. Their idea of smaller government generally means lower taxation, less government welfare and service programs, and more states rights as opposed to federal control. 

An example of the difference — Gay Marriage.  Ron Paul would most likely tell you that he does not care if two gays get married, but that it has to be personal in nature. The government should not be involved in any marriage, not just gay marriage.  It should be between the two people and their religion or relationship, and the government has no business in providing anyone a marriage license or giving special consideration to married people.

Hermain Cain on the other hand would say it is the states responsibility to protect the institution of marriage as between a man and a woman.  That that form of marriage is the in line with American Judeo-Christian tradition and is the form of relationship best to keep a moral and strong society.  He would advocate using the government’s power to enforce that.

 An example of the difference — Drug Legalization.  Ron Paul believes that individuals have the right to choose to consume and do the things that they want (even if it harms them) as long as it doesn’t impose on the freedoms of others.  This means that the use of drugs are the choice of the grown adult and the government should not impose itself to stop them.  He is against the war on drugs, which he believes has created a prison state and increased our prison population to a ridiculous level. 

Herman Cain on the other hand would say that he supports Ronald Reagan who instituted the war on drugs.  That drugs are destructive to the individual and so the government should step in and do what is necessary to bother stop the seller and the user.  He has a hard stance on crime and punishment so he is Ok with locking people up in record numbers for drug sales and drug use. 

An Example of the Difference – War and Defense.  Ron Paul believes that America should practice a non-intrusive form of foreign policy. What this means is that America should mind its own business, and only use the military if someone attacks us. 

Herman Cain believes that the military is not just about defense but about prevention and intervention.  That America should intervene militarily when it serves the purpose of securing America’s long term interest or helping countries that are unstable and need our help.  He would advocate a large increase in defense spending to demonstrate to the world America is the strongest military power.

An Example of the Difference – Islam.  Ron Paul believes that each American should be free to worship as they choose, as long as that worship does not harm the freedom of other people to worship.  He would have no problem appointing an Islamic individual to a position of power if that person upheld libertarian principles.

Hermain Cain has clearly stated that Muslims have no business in politics because their religion is one that advocates through Jihad forced conversation.  The people who practice Islam are a danger to America, and that Islam is a global threat to freedom. 

This article is long so I will with this.  Each of these perspectives has implications for Black Americans as a group.  Neither candidate believes in affirmative action or government intervention in issues of race inequality. Both hold strongly to the fact that the free market should be what drives American behavior.  Those concepts both have negative impacts on Black equality and correcting historical inequities. 

If I had to choose I would choose Ron Paul because the elimination of the war on drugs in and of itself would be of great benefit to the Black community.  But other than that, as an independent political pragmatist, I would have a hard time supporting either in a presidential election if they got that far.

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106 Responses to “Ron Paul & Herman Cain’s Different Philosophies…”
  1. Nrthms says:

    Cross over in the primaries to Republican and vote ron paul. Do it a head of time. Some states you have to register Republican. Vote Ron Paul, get the Government out of our lives and down with the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul would bring the troops home and stop wasting money policing the world. Get Americans back to work. Aren’t you tired of the same results from Republican and Democrats? Check his voting record and youtube has plenty on him. Donate October19, 2011 med RonPaul2012.com media trys to ignore him.

  2. Shay Whitey says:

    Everyone who commented and the author is a dumb ass negro. You want Paul because he would eliominate war on drugs so you brother, sister, and mother can get out of jail. You think affirmative action is going to help your fellow negro because of histories inequaties…so how much longer are you going to ride that band wagon, while other minority race has improved themselves. What a bunch of idiots!!!!!

  3. Ronnie says:

    Another word on the War on Drugs. I read that it will cost the taxpayer more than $23billion this year to fight that battle. Such a waste on money.
    I think this is a great article and I thank the author for writing it. Honesty and integrity are sorely missing in journalism and I’m happy to see it being restored.

  4. Rich says:

    This article is the best I have seen on explaining the two men’s philosophies. Really makes it easier for me to understand what they want. I think President Obama inherited the worst mess of any president in my life (52) and that no president could fix such a mess in 4 years. I cried when I heard his Chicago acceptance speach. Then, our troops did not come home. I want us to spend the money here, at home. I want an end to the drug war waste and prison state. I don’t want any more of our kids killed over there. Thank you for a very clear article.

  5. Carol Godwin says:

    The truth can be printed here because Big Media and the Establishment are not here! We are the rebels! We are the voice of We The People who are true patriots and constitutionalists! Those who hold he titles of president, congressman/woman & representative are supposed to be representing us, We The People but they are not doing their jobs. They are working for the establishment and the media. Our time has come and if we blow it this time there will not be another chance! This nation will be lost as we know it , forever. Support and vote for RON PAUL if you want any kind of chance to have sweet liberty, ever again. RON PAUL is not about self; is not about greed or corruption but he is for the betterment of this nation.

  6. anonoped says:

    Good article.

    Ron Paul would do more the black community than any other candidate running for president, including Obama.

  7. Carol Godwin says:

    I watched a movie (true story) of a woman “Betty” who married an Iranian man in the United States and they lived here for a while and even their daughter was born here, so Betty and the daughter were U S citizens. But when the ‘Shah’ of Iran was run out of the country and came here for protection, they went to Iran. She had no clue as to how the Islamic people lived and the fact that the U S Embassy was no more in Iran. She found out that marrying an Iranian made her automatically an Iranian citizen as well as their daughter. When she rebelled, she was beaten and separated from her child. She & the child were Christian but they forced the girl to go learn the Koran but she hated it.

    The point I am making is that the bombs came and air attacks from Iraq with money and weapons we, the United States provided them. There were many, many innocent civilians murdered and this was only part of what our country did to cause the hatred. I know so many do not want to think about it but we should never have enabled these attacks by Iraq. We need to take care of our country!

  8. Tyler says:

    Fine piece.. it’d have to be Ron Paul for me as well. Ending prohibition would benefit everyone (anyone with an open mind, anyway).

    And also, Matthew Gardiner, you’re exactly right.

  9. Christine says:

    Fantastic article delineating the differences between the true top 2 Republican contenders (IMO).

    I’d take Herman Cain over President Obama I guess, but I prefer Ron Paul over anyone else. He isn’t against all government. He wants to reduce the size of the FEDERAL government. Most of the contentious issues today (abortion, gay marriage, drugs) need to be addressed on a more local level where people have a much bigger say proportionately. Many of the functions cut from the FEDERAL government would then be state issues, like education.

    I know a lot of people worry about the states reverting to some kind of Jim Crow attitude which prompted federal intervention in the first place, but I think we have moved forward enough to try having the states take over those responsibilities again. It’s not perfect but we have to start somewhere.

    I respect your not supporting Paul. I just hope you would reconsider 😉

  10. “Neither candidate believes in affirmative action or government intervention in issues of race inequality. Both hold strongly to the fact that the free market should be what drives American behavior. Those concepts both have negative impacts on Black equality and correcting historical inequities.”

    I think Malcolm X’s “Bullet or the Ballot Box” speech counters your concerns well. Forcing people to like you never works. And do you want to work for someone (that is help them make money) who doesn’t? Government subsidies to Wal-Marts or government obstacles to Wal-Mart all play a role in the “free market” you fear. Free markets don’t have government in them. Government should be but a bystander, stepping in to enforce contracts and then quickly going away. The author is almost there to truth…just take those extra steps to find it.

  11. krissy says:

    Ron Paul 2012!

  12. Rio says:

    My vote is for Dr. Paul. Great article.

  13. Joseph C Johnson says:

    Ron Paul’s most important issues always go back to how the Federal Reserve has unconstitutionally highjacked the United States.

    Herman Cain, unfortunately, used to be a Federal Reserve Chairmen.

    I will be hoping for a Ron Paul & Gary Johnson ticket in 2012!

  14. Wags says:

    The War on Drugs has devastated the black community. I think Paul said he would pardon all non-violent drug offenders. Ending the minimum wage would help the poor find jobs and get into the workforce. If someone is low-skilled, and their labor is only worth $5/hr, and you make it illegal for anyone to pay them that much, they can’t get a job. Minimum wage doesn’t force companies to pay higher wages, it just destroys low-wage jobs.

  15. Joe,

  16. Victoria says:

    You forgot to mention that Ron Paul supports the auditing and eventually abolishing the Federal Reserve. Cain who is a former employee of the Fed does not even support an audit of the Fed. For me that is an automatic red flag and immediately disqualified Cain in my book.

  17. Carmen says:

    All I have to say is that Mr. Cain’s “9 9 9” isn’t good enough
    We have a “9 1 1” on our hands
    And people better wake up to Dr. Paul’s “4 1 1”
    PLus I like the article and many many of the intelligent comments here.

  18. richard says:

    why is it that we have to go to these out of the way tiny sites (no offense!) to find accurate, honest reporting? i respect the fact that the author clearly outlined the differences between the candidates without condescension or snark, something that is unfortunately extremely rare among so-called mainstream media sites.

  19. Julian Alien says:

    Good article ,but leaving out the part where Paul would leave the States to decide(insert controversial issue),kind of messes up his message.Paul is definitely anti drug,he just knows that people are going to use them and putting pot smokers in prison is just as ridiculous as putting beer drinkers in prison.It makes criminals out of people who just want to relax a little more after they get home from work.It is also very much in line with the Constitution,which every voter swears to protect and uphold when they sign their voters registration,to allow the States the right to make their own decisions concerning such matters as abortion,gay marriage,moonshine distilling ect.Cain does not say he wants out of these wars.I am for Ron Paul.

  20. Joseph says:

    As much as I appreciated this article, I believe that the comments section is really priceless. Most are when Ron Paul is concerned because (without trolls), Ron Paul inspires people to debate ideas instead of personalities. With most of the other candidates and political leaders throughout our country, the debates are always centered on personality and pathos which is exactly what has on the verge of a very serious economic collapse and, in my opinion, a nuclear war within a generation. We’ve got to stop being the bullies in the world.

  21. UncleSim says:

    Is there anyone here who supports Cain but is NOT for federal intervention into hiring, wages, drugs, etc?

  22. pp0rker says:

    Paul really defies labeling… He’s a conservative/paleocon/libertarian/anarcho-capitalist and not necessarily in that order. But labels aside, Paul is first and foremost a Constitutionalist. If the American people can come to finally admit that the Constitution is the principle legal basis of this nation, then Paul is their man. We need to stop giving lip service to the Constitution and demand that the politicians start obeying it. President Paul would be a huge step in that direction. Even if you disagree with aspects of the Constitution (not sure what that’d be), at least admit the vital importance to have the Rule of Law that the government must obey. Without that, we are just tribal cannibals. That’s what we’re becoming…

    You said, “… as an independent political pragmatist, I would have a hard time supporting either in a presidential election if they got that far.”

    So I don’t understand that statement. As an independent political pragmatist myself, I see no choice other than Paul. The nation is on the brink of economic disaster. If we don’t have *real* reform, kiss what’s left of your freedoms and prosperity good-bye.

  23. Sara says:

    “Herman Cain on the other hand would say that he supports Ronald Reagan who instituted the war on drugs.”

    Ronald Reagan did NOT institute the War on Drugs. The War on Drugs was Nixon’s baby, instituted in 1968.

  24. Texas Chris says:

    Ron Paul’s changes to the government would have a far from negative effect on the black community. While it is true that “Equal Opportunity” laws would be less prevelant, and welfare would decrease in availability, Ron Paul would make blacks, and all Americans, more responsible for themselves.

    As it stands, all Americans may as well be slaves to the government through the income tax, selective service, and government monopoly over monetary policy.

    Only Ron Paul offers us freedom from those things. It will not be easy, but nothing worth doing ever is.

  25. Joe Mama says:

    This really is a fantastic site. Logical, intelligent articles (even if I don’t agree with them 100%) and fantastic comments from intelligent people. What a great place for meaningful discussion.

  26. Ben says:

    This was a very truthful and accurate article. Nice work.

    For me Ron Paul all the way!!!

  27. sector7 says:

    There are three positions that can no longer be justified.

    1. Continuation of the War on Terror
    2. Continuation of the War on Drugs
    3. Continuation of the Federal Reserve’s policies

    Support of these positions indicates one does not fully understand the ramifications of these issues. Find out for yourself why these issues are hurting us.

  28. Tim White says:

    You failed to mention the “War on Drugs.” By ending the war on drugs, you would essentially give non-violent drug offenders a get out of jail free card. This would help bring a lot of absent fathers home.

    As for Herman Cain, his support for the “Fair Tax” has ruled him out as a candidate for me, which will give a tax cut for overseas businesses (read the Fair Tax books). Add NAFTA on top of that and there is no way U.S. non-global businesses can beat the low wages from overseas markets (IE: U.S. miniumum wage = 7.25/hr / China = $1/day).

  29. The article above makes the case that so many of us are already aware and keen on. Ron Paul in 2012.

  30. chaz says:

    Thourough and accurate evaluation, also, their contrasting opinons on the role of the Federal Reserve

  31. I think I would say Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist before any other label you might want to hang on him. He believes in following the Constitution and upholds his oath to it with principled integrity in all his votes as a congressman. He would do the same as President. As mentioned in another comment, he is for reducing federal government and returning governmental control to state and local levels. This is not to be confused with the “no government” stigmata so often attached to the term libertarian.

    Finally, I would point out a major misconception regarding Ron Paul and the cause of any pre-defined group. Ron Paul has always advocated individual liberty as something we ALL possess from the moment of birth, not just some members of special groups. In fact groups are what divide us and promote focus on certain aspects (gender, race, sexual preferences). Ron Paul believes that everyone is and should be seen and treated as an individual first and foremost. We are ALL individuals regardless of skin color, gender, ancestry or preferences. As individuals we all are given the same rights to liberty and life, and are guaranteed the same protections under the Constitution and law. Understanding and belief in that knowledge assures everyone protection of the God-given equality that affirmative action (or any other government program) will never be able to accomplish.

  32. John T. says:

    I appreciate the authors accurate representation of Dr. Paul’s views… I disagree with this statement,

    “Each of these perspectives has implications for Black Americans as a group. Neither candidate believes in affirmative action or government intervention in issues of race inequality. Both hold strongly to the fact that the free market should be what drives American behavior. Those concepts both have negative impacts on Black equality and correcting historical inequities.”

    Affirmative Action keeps black people down more than it helps them. It discourages individual rights. I believe that the free market WILL help black people… Black people are not the minority that they are taught to be by black leaders such as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. Look at Asian Americans as an expample. They didn’t have the best of time in early America either. Why are they now testing higher in schools than even White americans? Why is the average income of Asian Americans higher than even White Americans? It’s not because of any government intervention. It’s because of will power and belief in individual rights… It’s time for Americans to start recognizing themselves as AMERICANS, not hyphenated Americans…

  33. Inez says:

    Herman Cain served on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

    That’s all I have to say

  34. Mike says:

    I agree with Woody. This is a great article and I thank the author for accurately detailing differences between candidates in what will be such an important decision, regardless of who you vote for. You don’t have to love Ron Paul or support his every decision or even support any of his decisions if you disagree with them, but you need to give his point of view the respect it deserves because it is sincere and very important. There are a number of voters who support Dr. Paul because of his consistency and principles and TRUST. Of course some of his ideas are ideological but the young people who have seen our country freefall in our lifetime are ready to mix up the status quo so that we can hand off the country to our kids in a better condition than we received it, something our parents (for the first time in so long) tried to do and failed.

  35. Nick says:

    Good article, but I would like to clarify one point. Ron Paul is not a doctrinaire libertarian. If I had to pigeon hole him, I would say he is a conservative with libertarian leanings. He has said many times, with respect to both the war on drugs and the issue of gay marriage, that he thinks those sorts of issues should be left up to the states. He has made it crystal clear on many occasions that he recognizes that there is a role for the federal government, but most issues are best addressed by the states who are much closer the the needs and desires of their respective populations.

    I’m sure Herman Cain is a fine man with honorable intentions, but Ron Paul has a long standing impeccable record of open and honest integrity. Paul is not polished or given to flowery speech, but you can trust him to tell you the absolute truth and nothing but the truth even when he knows it’s not going to be popular. His biggest problem is that he gives the general population more credit than they deserve for being able to comprehend and digest what he is saying. He tends to say a mouthful, in a few short sentences, that requires some of us to do a little research before we can fully understand and appreciate the depth of his comments. I’m just not as smart as he thinks I am, but I am bound and determined to give each candidates fair consideration and sometimes due diligence requires more work than simply adopting the opinions of our favorite talking heads and/or our favorite bloggers.

  36. Keith says:

    This article is clearly biased toward Herman Cain, but, at least it is giving coverage to two great men. Keith’s top tier: Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich. Ron Paul 2012!!

  37. ryan says:

    Thank-you for your honest assessment of both candidates! I am a Ron Paul supporter and its rare to see such an honest bit of journalism. Despite you not favoring either you stated their positions fairly accurately and allow the reader to decide. We need more people like you writing.

  38. Mike says:

    I like the article, but some of the items in it (the topic of gay marriage and drugs for example) portray Paul as wanting to cut back on all levels of government. To be clear, from reading his books and watching many of his interviews, he wants to cut down on Federal government, not state government. He’d leave issues such as drugs/abortion/gay marriage/many others up to the states.

    One has to be very careful on how they discuss Ron Pauls’ stance on government because it can sound very extreme, when in actuality it is not. Letting states have control over the issues is what the country was founded on (and exactly what Ron Paul thinks should happen). This provides healthy competition between states to come up with better programs/policies.

    It’s all about letting people control their lives at a local level. Who is more in touch with your city school? The local school board and all of the teachers/parents who work/send their kids to that school, or someone in Washington who may not have even visited your area before? If things are run locally and at the state level more growth can take place, changes happen faster and they’re better suited for the community.

    People, not big government, should be making decisions about their lives. That’s what Ron Paul is all about. That’s why he’s getting my vote.

  39. Lucas-Benito says:

    Ron Paul would also end funding to The Center for Black Genocide, AKA Planned Parenthood. “Mafaa 21” on youtube, look it up.

  40. Yeardlee says:

    war on drugs actually goes back to Nixon Admin, 1970 I think? You should all check out ‘Law Enforcement Against Prohibition’ stop the madness


  41. DG says:

    @Smokey2222 I think that is an excellent point that you made. Because the government has grown dramatically under ever Republican we have had, and in many cases more than under Democrat presidents.

  42. Jim T says:

    Cain is a zionist islamophobic failure like the rest, Ron Paul is the only one that isnt, that makes Ron Paul the only true american up there, Ron Paul 2012, anyone else is just more zionist occupation , and weve had enough of that for the last 50 years or so, it has to end. do you have any idea the billions of dollars and innocent lives would be saved by Federal decriminalization of marijuana ? Ron Paul does 🙂 , hes last chance this nation has .

  43. Andrew Hayes says:

    You know if you really Listen to Ron Paul, Yes its true that his personal beliefs may be a certain way on a given issue, Yet in the end he always says, Obey the Constitution. If the Constitution doesn’t grant the federal government to regulate marriage and drugs, then the federal government must not do it!

    In all actuality Ron Paul isn’t a Libertarian he is only a constitutionalists, It is just that the Constitution especially the Bill of Rights is a Libertarian document for the most part. There is of course the nasty issue of socialized mail service… The USPS, Which not only is socialized mail service, but outlaws free enterprise in the area of mail delivery. I believe Ron Paul would be against the formation of the USPS if it were happening in our time, either under Bush or Obama, but the fact that it is in the constitution, He will protect it, and enforce it.

    And isn’t that the Job of the president? to protect and uphold the constitution regardless of his on personal beliefs? Vote for Ron Paul, vote for Liberty.

  44. lani says:

    Well, after all that…Neither are great, but if I had to choose one, It would be Cain over Ron Paul…

  45. terrymac says:

    Polls show that Ron Paul would beat Obama – so why not vote for him? Dr. Ron Paul, unlike Herman Cain, would bring out a great many people who haven’t voted before.

    Young voters, in particular, realize that the existing system is going to crush them with taxes, and go bankrupt before they ever become eligible for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

  46. Vindex60 says:

    Seven differences between Ron Paul and Herman Cain: 1) Herman Cain supported TARP. Ron Paul does not support bailouts or “too big to fail” dogma 2) Herman Cain thinks auditing the Fed is a waste of time. Ron Paul demands an audit of the Fed. 3) Herman Cain said in 2006 there was no housing bubble and the media made it up because they don’t like Republicans. Ron Paul predicted for years the collapse of the housing bubble. 4) Herman Cain supports the Bush foreign policy of endless, unconstitutional, preemptive wars. Ron Paul believes in the principle of non intervention and constitutionally mandated war powers. 5) Herman Cain would continue the War on Drugs. Ron Paul would pardon all nonviolent drug offenders and let states design their own drug laws. 6) Herman Cain thinks 90% of the Patriot Act is “right on.” Ron Paul would repeal the Patriot Act. 7) Herman Cain thinks tax reform is the solution to the financial crisis. Ron Paul believes monetary policy, regulations, and “too big to fail” are where the boom-bust cycle comes from.

  47. blakmira says:

    The gov’t just passed a law where those on medical marijuana can no longer legally own a gun. We are fast approaching fascism here in this country and people better wake up quick as the Constitution & Bill of Rights is being shredded.

    If Ron Paul were President, that would have never happened! He is totally against the futile War on Drugs and supports the right to bear arms against a tyrannical government. This has been his views for 30 years.

    As for Herman Cain, all you need to know is that he’s former Chairman of the Federal Reserve, and no friend to the People!

  48. sterling says:

    i liked the article good job.

  49. Matthew Gardner says:

    Wow, this is a fine piece of journalism.

    Ron Paul is also against the department of education which is another issue I think that should get more debate within the black community. Ron Paul believes that the money we spend on education should go in the hands of the parents to make choices in education.

    The price per student we pay is between $10,000-$15,000 per student per year. So lets just use $12,000 per student.

    So imagine a family with 3 kids gets a check from government for $36,000 to educate their children.

    I am a teacher in a private high school.

    Our class size is 16-24
    we work with local businesses for summer job placement or apprenticeship support.
    we have a charity food cabinet for the community that the kids help us distribute, so we teach how to help our community, the poor or the families with the child
    we have a program for parents who fall into difficult financial situations to have local businesses sponsor their child
    Our students have a higher testing scores on every standardized tests

    Oh ya and our students for the most parts are special needs students or kids who were kicked out of public school.

    They also graduate high school with enough college credit to finish their associates degree through a local university.

    Our school costs $7500 per year per student

    So under Ron Paul’s educational plan a family with 3 kids would be able to send them to our school if they liked what it had to offer and still have $13,500 to spend yearly to provide education for their children…

    Want to send your child on a field trip to Japan for a week to learn a new culture and his foreign language credit is Japanese? Not only for the rich children anymore.

    Say your son takes a radio apart when hes 10 to see how it works, at 13 he puts his first computer together, electronics are his passion. Why send him to a generic school with a watered down generic curriculum?

    Education kills poverty, and there is nothing better for the black family than a better education for their children and the money to be able to provide that.

  50. Woody says:

    I just wanted to say Thank You to the author for giving an accurate description of Ron Paul’s beliefs and policies. It’s clear that the author is not entirely sold on Paul, but he states what his differences are with Paul based upon accuracy, and not misrepresentation. A rare feat of journalistic integrity.

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