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Kelleye Robinson; Rekindle Romance by Indulging the Five Senses…

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( Most couples go through times during which they feel that the spark has gone from the relationship. In this article, I give a few suggestions using the five senses to bring the spark back to the relationship and even make it stronger. Enjoy!

1) Connect with your eyes.  Use your eyes to flirt with your significant other. Eye contact shows that you want to connect in a mental and emotional way.   A lot can be said through a person’s glance.  You don’t always have to let   your fingers and lips set the tone.

2) Listen.  Take the time to tell each other how you feel. Most times, we find it easier to assume that we can just “know” how the other is feeling because of how we’re feeling at the moment.  But taking the time to tell each other what you want or if something gives you pleasure or hurts and annoys you can do a lot to clear underlying awkwardness and add a new dimension to the relationship. Pick some music that you both find romantic and sensual. Music is a great way to build a romantic setting. Let yourselves be transported to another place mentally and emotionally with the music and let it enhance the moment.

3) Follow Your Nose. Use scented oils and or scented candles to add another layer of sensuality to the evening. If you have a tub, take a nice candlelit bubble bath together and let the amazing scents take you away to a pleasurable place.

4) Taste. Use food to add a fun and sensual aspect to your seduction. Feed each other fruit or chocolate. Be inventive and think of interesting ways to indulge your appetites for each other.

5Touch.  Touch each other softly starting from head to toe. Lightly brush your hand over your partner’s hair.  This soft touch shows that you feel that in this time, it’s all about the two of you. A soft sensual massage helps the body to relieve stress while bringing a pleasurable awareness to nerve endings and pressure points. Take your time with this massage and you’ll definitely find the end result being worth the wait!

Follow these simple ways to back the romance to your relationship today. You’ll be happy you did!

taff Writer; Kelleye Robinson

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