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Lil Wayne disses Jay-Z on the song “Its Good” from Tha Carter 4.


(ThyBlackMan.com) Lil’ Wayne is prepping the release of his 9th studio album titled Tha Carter 4 next Tuesday, and recently leaked song titled Its Good featuring fellow Young Money artist and frequent collaborator Drake and rapper Jadakiss, has made its buzz around the internet today. It’s Wayne’s response to Jay semi going at him and Young Money referring to them as “Baby Money” on the track “H.A.M”  Wayne takes his turn by responding: “Talking’ ‘bout baby money, I gotcha baby money. Kidnap your b***h get that  how much you love your lady money. I know you fake, n**a. Press your brakes, n***a. I’ll take you out, that’s a date, n***a.

Now, with Jay-Z being attacked the second time in recent weeks first by rapper Game and now Wayne, is all of this for publicity for their albums sakes? Game just released his first album titled The R.E.D. Album since 2008’s L.A.X without a successful lead single. Wayne on the other hand, isn’t having the same amount of hype that he did with 2008’s as well, Tha Carter 3, but still has two top 10 hits. With the buzz not there, it seems a must to take shots a Jigga?

Shawn Carter himself once said “It’s like when n****s make subliminal records
If it ain’t directed directly at me, I don’t respect it” So a diss towards Wayne perhaps won’t happen. But it seems that artists like to create a lot of unnecessary hype to promote their albums to generate more fanfare. Seems like a wack move, but it’s been going on for years, seemingly working to the best for 50 cent in 2003 and Lil’ Kim in 2010. Rappers know that fans love drama and have to do it for marketing, like Kanye and 50 in ’07.

So let’s see if the dissing tactic works for Wayne and Game. Again, both aren’t the same artists that they were in their heyday. And it seems attacking, still one of music’s most popular artists in Jay-Z, will give more interest and perhaps boost album sales. It isn’t the best look, but that’s how the game works today.

Staff Writer; Brad Washington
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