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Anthony Jerrod; Do You Have Friends with the Right Benefits?

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( In our current time and space, it is not atypical for two people who are supposedly   friends to sexually enjoy each other- with the agreed consensus that no strings are attached.  Of course, the world does not see a problem with this “friends with benefits” relationship, and Hollywood certainly glamorizes it as the normative.  Looking beyond the pleasure and temporary highs of such an association, though, it is no surprise that the Enemy has tainted and twisted the purity of sex and the beauty of friendship that has been ordained by the Lord.  

Within the context of God’s holiness, it is essential to move beyond toxic relations in our lives that hold us back and to embrace divine connections who  will help us progress forward in our Christian walk.  In this tedious journey, we need friends with benefits- that is, godly benefits.  Here are five biblical-based blessings associated with true companions, as you also help them to grow and to bear fruit:  

1. A friend consistently provides “soul food” and encouragement.  One of the primary benefits of a godly friend is their consistent, timely and selfless offering of encouragement and “soul food”- that is, positive words of life to feed the soul and the spirit.  A friend is not only a cheerleader but also someone who will help build you up as you both strive toward new levels and horizons. 
2. A friend has seen you in the valley and still loves you.  A mark of a true friend is the ability to see you at your worst and to still make the decision to love you.  Every single individual has had times where they have made mistakes and operated in a way that evades their best.   A friend will stop by, pick you up and exhibit selfless love because they can still see the best in you, when others see the worst in you and decide to walk past you in the valley.
3. A friend is honest and continually holds you accountable.  Although a friend will offer continual encouragement and “soul food,” they also are not afraid to tell you the truth and to hold you accountable when they perceive that you are trying to drift from the mountaintop to the valley.  Although their honest criticism may prove somewhat painful, their persistent accountability is priceless.
4. A friend will stick by your side when the “going” gets tough.  When trials, tragedies, disappointments and grief arise, a friend will stick by your side until the blues of life dissipate away.  It’s relatively easy for people to by your side when they perceive you to be “balling” and on the mountaintop.  But, a friend will be right there with you through all of the various phases and seasons of life.
5. A friend is someone you can depend on- even in the middle of the night.  Oftentimes, there are times when life weighs heavily on your heart and you cannot sleep.  Or, you awaken to a telephone call with bad news or the cry of a loved one in the middle of the night.  A friend is one that you can call without hesitation in the wee hours, and they will provide words of peace and comfort.  Moreover, they won’t be mad that you called them.  
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One Response to “Anthony Jerrod; Do You Have Friends with the Right Benefits?”
  1. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    This article was an answer to prayer, as today is the day I shall be called on to be the kind of friend that you describe. Thank you for listing those Godly benefits for me to read and review; you have helped to spread blessing!

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