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Fox News, Obama Birthday Party, A Hip Hop BBQ That Hasn’t Created Jobs…

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( It appears that Fox News is at it again.   The same network that has commentators like Eric Bolling, who asked why President Obama was “inviting so many hoods to the hizzy” referenced his 50th birthday party as a “Hip-Hop Barbecue.” 

President Obama’s party, which was private, served typical picnic food (BBQ chicken, ribs, hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta, salad) and was held in the Rose  Garden of the White House.   A-list celebrities were in attendance, including Al Sharpton, Jay-Z, Chris Rock, Charles Barkley, Steve Harvey, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.  Stevie Wonder and Herbie Hancock performed, among others.

Fox Nation, a website run by Fox News, posted a column by Mike Allen from  The title of the column was “Obama’s Hip-Hop Barbecue didn’t Create Jobs.”

Bill Shine, Fox Executive Vice President in Charge of programming at Fox Nation stood by the headline:  “We used the hip-hop reference per Politico’s Playbook story this morning which stated ‘Also present: Chicago pals, law-school friends, donors–and lots of kids of friends, who stole the show by doing dance routines to the hip-hop songs, in the center of the East Room.’”

The website had to shut off the comments to the article, which were getting out of hand.

We found many of the comments to be offensive and inappropriate and they have been removed,” Shine said.

It appears that Fox News is consistently looking for ways to push the buttons of those who are already concerned about whether or not America is ready for a black president.  The truth is that the country is not.  By pursuing such a brilliant political strategy and navigating his way into the White House, President Obama is far ahead of his time.  So, his mere presence in the White House has been a catalyst for forcing America’s racial roaches out of the closet.

The racism being shown by those on the Right serves as evidence to undermine the arguments of anyone who truly believes that American discrimination has been relegated to history.  Also, these difficult moments are necessary for us to confront the demons that keep our country from moving forward.  So, in some ways, Fox News is good for America – like the hypnotist who extracts things from your subconscious that you truly believed were no longer a part of your psyche.

At the same time, Fox News shouldn’t be on the airwaves, most of us can agree on this.  Their commitment to such vile and disrespectful remarks makes them into a haven for those who are secretly irritated that black oppression has gone out of style.   But it does have the added benefit of awakening the consciousness of those who think that  there is no reason to fight against this kind of hatred.   We’ve got a long way to go in the fight against racism.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition. For more information, please visit


16 Responses to “Fox News, Obama Birthday Party, A Hip Hop BBQ That Hasn’t Created Jobs…”
  1. Bernard says:

    There will always be racist people, if you judge a category of people by what a small group of people said, then you’re stepping over the line to ignorance along with this group of people.

    Coming from a White, 23 yr old male. This is the 21st century, dwelling on such a meaningless topic spurs more hate…. think before you post things like this.

    Peace to all

  2. Nononsense says:

    Why everyone is talking about the president birthday? trust if it was a party where all the where all the guests were senators, journalists, and a bunch of other politians, perhaps some people would not have anything to say. But the fact that he invited young black businessman, comedians,entrepreneurs. It is a HIP POP BBQ.Some people got nerve.

  3. SusanSpeaksOut says:

    I want to see the actual check Obama wrote to cover the birthday bash. And while he is busy trying to find it–maybe he will come across his REAL birth certificate. I don’t understand how millions of people are blinded to the truth that this man is a fake. I don’t care if he is purple and from Mars–just do the job correctly and keep your socialist ideas to yourself. I am SO sick of being called a racist. It is always by the “gimme more for free” crowd. Read Uncle Sam’s Plantation by Star Parker–what an eye opener. Let’s institute the Fair Tax and then EVERYONE will have to pay whether they work or not. Abolish the IRS and all of the entitlement programs. The budget could be balanced very quickly. I hope all of the people wake up before November 2012.

  4. A man should be able to spend his money however he sees fit, he made it. We got all this hating going on talk about what President Obama has not done and if the truth be told the only thing He has done wrong is letting others dictate his moves, he allowed the republican to push their agenda when he should have push his if I’AM going to fail I’AM going to do by my own will and not another’s, and if he would have done this we would have seen change and growth. However everything that the republican has done is been geared to make the President look bad no-matter what effect it has on our livelihood and standing as a country. The plan was we were too far gone to recover quickly so let the Blackman have the sit and we can see to him getting the blame in the Bible they would call that a scapegoat to atone for another’s sins. And up to date this has worked due to people lack of caring for the TRUTH and love for drama. Those of us that believe Obama can be one of the greatest Presidents to live would like to see him stand up and take charge and if he wants the peoples support back he needs to do this fast… He is right we need change… And He is change…

  5. Jay says:

    Yeah, Obama is entitled to celebrate his 50th birthday just as we all are. Bet you or me will have a party like his though ;). The timing is just bad, I wouldn’t have invited ANY celebraties or anyone else for that matter that would have pulled more media than what was already going to happen. His mistakes are going to be the stuff of legend…but than again Bushs’ are too. Honestly, Obama was the right choice for the Dems, young black charismatic man…couldn’t lose right? He don’t have the experience thats true but he’s well managed by whoever put him there…but that goes for nearly all presidents of the modern age. We’re all in this mess now, vote your consience next year…or get some skills that will help you survive in a much differant America like learning how to post all this in Chinese.

  6. Catherinethegreat says:

    Isn’t President Obama entitled to celebrating his Birthday after all it was at his expense. Everything that he does is headlines. His everymove is followed. It is sad that people continue to critize him. I say to PResident Barack Obama “CONGRATS ON YOU 50TH”,,, MAY YOU BLESSED WITH
    PEACE, LOVE AND HAPPINESS. To all of the nay sayers, get a life.

  7. clay says:

    PS please STOP calling everything and everyone racist

  8. clay says:

    Oh, and please people….please calling everything “racist”, please? we can disagree with each other and still not be racist, cant we? Its hard to have an african american president in office and still claim racism, right? please listen to yourselves….

    good night

  9. clay says:

    Let President Obama have his birthday for heaven’s sake. Everyone is entitled to celebrate occasionally. I just want our president to realize his policies have short comings. Please Mr. President stop playing politics and be America’s president! Please????

  10. JC says:

    I have notice a trend for the last couple of years were racist Neo Nazi Tea Party bigots have started to frequent black web sites. I can see that its been happening here as well. I believe some of these people have been hired by right wing groups to do this and obviously are paid for their work. I know this is a public web site but should monitor this when it happens and delete the trash they leave behind.

  11. bamavoter68 says:

    I think the families of those who have lost their jobs and unable to afford a barbque sandwich would just LOVE to attend a party as grande as the President’s! Don’t you?

  12. Tkay says:

    I agree with you. We are not ready for a president that can blame all opposition to his extreme left wing ideas on racism. The worst thing for the beneficiaries of race politics, (black people in power and their white liberal handlers), is for racism to go away. So keep up the good work Boyce.

  13. Gabrielle says:

    Some people show their lack of respect for the President and his office. It is so raciest that can not even miss it. Get over it. Didnt hear all of this when George W was there and Laura was doing partys. The man turned 50…If I am blessed to see 50, I am going to not only have a BBQ, but we will be doing the Electric Slide all night long. Faux news is not even allowed in my house. I can do the debate on topics, but when you show your raciest comments and your feelings so clear Most of us cant be bothered. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PRESIDENT AND I WISH YOU 50 MORE….

  14. Ali says:

    Boyce, get of your knees. They could have reported him doing the electric slide and conja barefoot while ST6 and assets were getting killed. One whom was a friend of a brother… brother.

    I’m tired of you sold out ‘educated (see indoctrinated), men that see our people going down the tubes and STILL could give a damn.

    I lived in the 13th and know how Emil gave him a record he didn’t work for. He’s product, always has been. Yet you try to convince grandmas (who haven’t seen a cost of living increase in two years, though the hill got a raise and food is sky high), that Obama listens to their 25 dollar hard given donations instead of the man’s million dollar ones.

    You helped to take our people back hundreds of years. They didn’t want to be slaves before and sure don’t want to be for unemployment, food stamps, a student loan, a home, a diploma (without getting killed or beat down for success to and from school), while Nero fiddles.

    The only comfort I get is when you stand before the man and explain your service to mammon, how it helped your people or any people.

  15. Sam says:

    Yes, the timing of Obama’s 50th birthday and the sad state of the US economy is epic. W. would have spent his 50th watching reruns of “I Love Lucy.”

    Stop being a part of the problem….

  16. glbltrader says:

    Don’t you feel a bit strange with all of the partying going on in Washington? What is there to celebrate? The USA credit rating is downgraded for the first time in history. Everyone in America will will be affected by this failure.

    Obama does the Conga as Rome Burns, he encourages people to dance just like Stalin did. The timing of this is epic. Yes, Stalin had this obsession to make everyone dance in his presence. Ironic, isn’t it?

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