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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Black on Black Crime… Why No Outrage?

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( Statistics reveal that victimizations of African Americans from violent crime such as murder, rape, sexual assault, burglary and robbery are committed by African Americans. We live with these facts and to a certain extent accept them.

But what if these crimes were committed by whites on our community? What would be our response? Would it be outrage, anger, rage, and the call for justice and retaliation? If so, then why is it not the same reaction from our community against our own?

We are tolerating these atrocities. We allow the mayhem and the carnage to run rampant in our neighborhoods. It is nobody’s fault but ours. We are to blame.

The National Crime Victimization Survey and the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting Program declare an ordinary crime becomes a hate crime when offenders choose a victim because of some characteristic (race, religion, ethnicity, religion or association) and provide evidence that hate prompted them to commit the crime.

So when a black person kills another black person, is that a hate crime? About 56 percent of hate crimes were motivated, at least in part, by racial hatred, according to the study, and most were accompanied by violence. So the question is: Do we hate ourselves?

It appears some of our young people are consumed with self-hatred. Self-hatred is very sad because it is an erosion of the soul. If someone becomes an expert in self-hatred, they will become very creative at finding ways to torture themselves to such a degree that the punishment becomes an avenue of comfort, and as a result they will find relief by torturing others.

The youth are our liberators, but some, a pitiful small percentage, are killing us off. They are killing our future leaders. Nationally, homicide is the leading cause of death for black young men ages 10-24, and the second leading cause of death for black women ages 15-24.

We must stop the racial hatred of ourselves. Black people sell drugs to other black people, and steal from other blacks, and hurt other black people. We make babies out of wedlock and we do not listen to or respect our elders. We kill other black people. It’s time to stop the madness.

Should we blame gangs to take the focus from our own failure? To stop gang violence, citizens need information, support and community activism. These tools remain viable options in combating the problem locally. Some local organizations have taken on the task, such as Better Family Life, The Organization of Black Struggle, United African People’s Organization, The Nation of Islam and other Islamic communities, as well as Christian churches and Jewish synagogues. They need our support.

Would education improve our self esteem? All Americans need to know about Ida B. Wells, a community organizer, grassroots leader and journalist who was a precursor of the modern Civil Rights Movement; Dr. Daniel Hale Williams, whose achievements as a cardiac surgeon helped to revolutionize the field of medicine and humanize its practices; Fannie Lou Hamer, a voting rights activist who used her powerful voice to raise the cause of equality and freedom; Charles Drew, the first black surgeon to serve as an examiner on the American Board of Surgery; Mary Mcleod Bethune, an educator and activist who founded what is now Bethune-Cookman University; and Paul Robeson, a celebrated actor, athlete, singer, writer and civil rights activist.

The accomplishments of these black heroes can help us all realize how scores of black Americans overcame obstacles in order to reach their goals. Perhaps with this knowledge, self-hatred would fade away and the violence would halt.

Written By Bernie Hayes

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3 Responses to “Black on Black Crime… Why No Outrage?”
  1. Drew says:

    “But what if these crimes were committed by whites on our community? What would be our response? Would it be outrage, anger, rage, and the call for justice and retaliation? If so, then why is it not the same reaction from our community against our own?” I’ll tell you why, because that would destroy the democratic/Liberal narrative that whites are the problem keeping the black race from thriving. Acknowledging that blacks are for more of a threat to blacks than whites are would have a big impact on black politicians who use that as a tool to keep the black community isolated when it comes to voting. Plus, nowadays in America it’s more beneficial for Washington to be PC with the black community rather than being honest. America has become a group of thin-skinned sue-happy crybabies who only want to listen when they’re being validated. Try to tell someone the truth and the conversation gets swept under the rug. Until the black community learns to think for themselves and to take some PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for their actions instead of blaming another race or any one of the number of socioeconomic issues they use as a crutch to get their way. Black leaders demand an even playing field devoid of racial barriers, yet what do we have? Affirmative Action, the Black college coaches Association, BET, the Congressional black caucus, Ms. Black USA, and the few groups I have mentioned(there are many other)is ok in the black community. But it’s front page news and outcry from the black community when a church decides they’re only going to have white members. If it’s good for the goose, it has to be good for the gander. Black leaders don’t want to address the high rates of single black mothers, high incarceration rate, sky high dropout rate, and of course the facts that decades of FBI, DEA, ATF stats show that blacks are their own worst enemy. When they do (Cosby, Rev C.L.Bryant to name a few) they are labeled as Uncle Toms’, Sellouts, Race traitors etc. It’s as if the black community doesn’t care about the killings of blacks as long as it’s done by blacks.

  2. Jay says:

    @ Bennie, I feel the same way as you do on the Black on Black Crime rate. The most startling trend I see amongst Blacks is held true on this very website. This article was published almost a year ago, however, only two comments exist (yours and mine) that wish to dialogue about what WE can do as a “society” or “culture”. Even more so, I find that black people care more about Beyonce’s baby, Bieber’s relationships, Sports and the never ending “They died too soon but at least now they’re in heaven singing with the little cocaine angel babies” news stories than the true STRUGGLE at hand.

    I really wish that all Black people were free of the blinders that have been placed on them. Blinders that allure them to money rather than morality; Blinders that enforce drugs over deliverance; Blinders that rap about murder but hop away from maturity; Blinders that promote destruction rather than prosperous development; Blinders that ignite ignorance and ignore ingenuity; Blinders that dwell in despair by extinguishing discipline; Blinders that Keep Killing Kneegros (KKK) and suppress Communities Calling Change; and honestly I guess I wish for the end of Blinders that ensnare minds, and, destroy thyBlackman.

    In a perfect world this article would’ve had more post. Scratch that…in a perfect world Racism wouldn’t exist…but it does exist. So what do we do as a people to continue/increase the survival of our people?

  3. Bennie says:

    I am heart broken. This is heavy on my heart and I need to know what do we do. You are so right Where is the outrage. How can we say we are proud when our ancestors would be humiliated at the way we are now. What do we do? We need support such as celebrities, local churchs, mosque, a movement. A leader. Unfortunately, I won’t say all, but many black people when they start to do well, the leave us in the dust. They had a Arab Spring, lets have a Black Summer. The black community needs to take hold now, mothers and fathers we have got to save our youth or our very demise will be at our own hands. We are killing each other and going to prison. What kind of hope is that for our children? Where and how do we start a movement from within the black community? I know this sounds like rambling, forgive me I am just passionate about this.

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