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Reggie Legend; Eddie Long – Study Long, Study Wrong…

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( The recent allegations of sexual abuse against Bishop Eddie Long have reopened a sore on the corporate body of believers in Christ.  The only difference is that such shocking charges aren’t stemming from Catholic priests.

Stereotypically, lewd sexual acts that make their way to the surface of Black Churches involve scandalous affairs between deacons and pastors and the women of the congregation they so willingly serve.  But as the dust settles from such generalizations swept under the rug, traditional Protestant and non-Protestant Churches are being unified by a common threat.  Two dissimilar denominations, one symptom, one like enemy:  lust.

Whether it’s lust for material goods or sexual immorality, both are different sides of the same coin.  Lust is a plague that has always been an equal opportunity employer.  Or in the context of the battle between flesh and spirit, an evil opportunity destroyer.

Do you know the most effective way to stop an entire movement of people?:  aim for the leaders.  But the enemy has moved beyond creating martyrs whose crusade grows stronger in the wake of their death (ever heard of Christ?!!). Instead, if you can bring the integrity of a leader into question – whatever beliefs s/he stood for have a stronger chance of being compromised and undermined.  History has given us some great examples.

Rumors of extramarital affairs and his children’s infighting over his estate have besmirched Dr. King’s memory.  John F. Kennedy’s open philandering tarnished his family name.  In more recent history, Rev. Jesse Jackson and his son have risked their community endeavors in favor of going into the family business of private affairs.

At one point or another, each of these men stood for something larger than themselves.  Yet for all their efforts, such indiscretions  have potentially damaged the impact.  Bishop Long is no different.  Two common links exist among all of these men:  lust and “religion”.  While each of these men were known for their great devotion to the bride of Christ, each has been disconnected from their wives by a spirit of infidelity.

Yet and still, ask not what these men have done to your belief system.  Ask what your belief system has done to these men.  Why put faith in a man whose fallibility is his most reliable trait?  Bishop Long is only the most recent, albeit painful, reminder of that.  Where there is opportunity for lust to be fleshed out through human frailty, it will try to take advantage.  This is the strategy of an unclean spirit amongst the people of God.  As such, we must learn to focus on the spiritual root of the matter as opposed to its physical/sexual manifestation.

Long may have made some wrong moves but those who built him up to be an infallible man of God are the ones in error.  After I moved to Chicago,  I heard the following phrase used for the first time to write off a person:  “I ain’t studyin’ you!”  This is the outlook we need to adopt as we continue to encounter imperfect men – Christians and non-Christians alike.

As long as we’re studying the behavior of a man, we’re ignoring the unclean spiritual source of the problem.  That is why we fail.

Study Long, study wrong.

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6 Responses to “Reggie Legend; Eddie Long – Study Long, Study Wrong…”
  1. Victor Langhorne says:

    Long may have made some wrong moves but those who built him up to be an infallible man of God are the ones in error. After I moved to Chicago, I heard the following phrase used for the first time to write off a person: “I ain’t studyin’ you!” This is the outlook we need to adopt as we continue to encounter imperfect men – Christians and non-Christians alike.

    I find your article tastefully articulate and insightful. Thank you for writing it!


    All I can say is that who has eyes to see wil see and who has ears to hear let the hear. The reason why America is in the mess is because the church looking like the world and world looking like the church. Pastors have choir members on the pulpit sleeping with each distaining the temple of God. Pastors preaching with no anointing so ppl leaving the same way they came in. This is foolishness… What enemy? This was God..God had enough… Too many ppl looking for compromise in the church.. having itching ears…. So many are hungry, starving living in the projects and the living lavish lifestyle do u think he is ok with that. He said feed my sheep… He ministered to the poor, healed the sick where do u see that happening in the church now.. in some church but now the mega churches are taking things to a whole other level just like the Pharisees but know this there is a hell…. We cannot and should not accept anything less from our Pastors.. If they are in communion with God everday they will be able to beat their fleshly ways. The word says follow me as I follow Christ… How dare Creflo chastise the ppl shame on him.. I trust God will wake him up…. If Eddie was wrong,, he is wrong that what real friends do they are honest

  3. Steve says:

    It is mind boggling that as a group, straight black people have more hatred for gays than a white counterpart. Have you learned nothing from your history? Don’t you realize that are large portion of this country would love to repeal the civil rights act of 1964? That groups like
    Aryan Nation consider you “mud people”? Gay people are just a part of life, no moral failing
    as religion wants you to believe. Religion shames you into believing nonsense. It was created
    to control you, to hate yourself for any gay thoughts a straight man is capable of having.
    From a practical standpoint, it is time to realize that there would be no President Obama
    without the gay vote. christianity has been against blacks in the past, it will be again in the
    future. Junk the white man’s religion before it’s too late.

  4. Elder Lansing Smith says:

    By the way Boyce Watkins why don’t you take the time to call Prophet Walker and find out what he’s all about. You people preach that black stuff but let a FAGOPHILE like Eddie Long get a free pass!! Where were yall when we were taking a stand against that hypocrite? Forget those FALSE PROPHET TD Jakes and Paul Morton. TD Jakes is a FAGGOT too. Ask about him in down in Charleston, West Virginia!!

  5. Elder Lansing Smith says:

    The “ERROR” is in that SODOMITE sissy pulpit pimp snake in the grass FAGGOT Eddie Long. Anyone who supports him or attends his church is a grade A FOOL!! My pastor Prophet Bishop H. Walker led the rally in Atlanta last year calling for that hypocrite Long’s resignation. That boy rapist needs to go. A Bishop must be blameless and a sodomite is not blameless. He must also be the husband of one wife and he has been married twice and he beat his ex wife. Eddie Long is the scum of the earth and a muscle bound fag. He better repent or hell is his final place of residence!!

  6. Tina says:

    Ask what our faith has done to these men? Are you kidding. The name Bishop is defined in the Bible as someone who has to be blameless, the husband of one wife, and not given to filthy lucre, but to hospitality. Furthermore, I should be able to expect more out of any man, especially a preacher, or deliverer of Gods word. For a man to have sex with BOYS, really? Come on whoever you are that wrote this pitiful article! STOP THE MADNESS!

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