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Kevin M. Jackson; The Need for a Covering…

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( I believe that one of the most powerful men in the Bible had to have been the Apostle Paul. He had endured much, experienced much, and yet felt the need to mentor a young man by the name of Timothy. I am very partial to Timothy because I believe many of his characteristics and personality are common traits that I possess.

Timothy was a young preacher. A New Breed if you will. He had a call upon his life, but he was unable to fully discern the full extent of that call upon his    life because he did not have someone to teach him how to be what God called him to be.

I believe that is probably one of most frequent tragedies in the Body of Christ right now. There are so many Timothy’s that are trying to feel their way through ministry without the benefit of a season leader to guide and direct them. Every young preacher needs Spiritual Covering. This principle is demonstrated throughout the bible concerning spiritual covering or today’s modern term mentorship.

Moses was the mentor of Joshua. Moses ensured that Joshua received the benefit of seeing him interact with God and his people. Moses demonstrated the power of God in the presence of Joshua. Moses was deliberate and intentional in his training of Joshua so much so that when he died, Joshua was prepared to lead God’s people into their divine destiny.

Elijah, the Prophet, mentored Elisha. Elisha was busy working in the fields and Elijah came his way and threw his cloak on Elisha. Elijah called Elisha to follow him in ministry and left everything familiar to him and followed Elijah. Elisha apparently watched Elijah intently until upon Elijah being swept up by God in a whirlwind, Elisha knew enough to ask his spiritual father for a double portion of his anointing. Elijah told him, if you see me as I am going up, it will be granted to you. Elisha watched him with everything that was within him and God indeed gave him double of his leader’s anointing.

This demonstrates a very important lesson for every young preacher. The call upon your life must be sanctioned and nurtured by a seasoned man or woman of God. Please do not go into ministry with just a call. You are going to need more than a call. You are going to need the careful guidance of someone that has already mastered what you are trying to achieve.

How does this happen? As a young preacher, you will have to submit to the leadership and authority of your pastor. God establishes authority throughout the bible. No one in the Kingdom of God should be a lone ranger or renegade. Young preachers who operate in isolation always find themselves in situations that lead them to compromising their morals or being incompetent in handling situations.

The key to benefiting from your pastor’s leadership is submission. To submit means to willingly follow the leadership and directions of another with trust. There will always be the temptation to step out without guidance because the flesh is incessantly at war with truth and righteousness.

Always remember, you are the pupil and not the instructor. The cost of receiving a leader’s anointing and instruction is complete submission and obedience. One of the ways to counteract the tendency of being at odds with your leader is to ask the Lord to give you a teachable spirit. Learn to bridle your tongue and accept the wisdom of the leader that God has placed as an authority over your life. Follow now so that you can lead later.

Staff Writer; Kevin M. Jackson

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3 Responses to “Kevin M. Jackson; The Need for a Covering…”
  1. learn2discern says:

    Hmmm. . . . there are many errors in this article. Email me if you wish to discuss them.

  2. Lee says:


    Do not allow yourself to become distracted, because the thoughts provoked are more important than a few errors. Mentoring in ministry is essential, unfortunately many of our would be mentors have not taken the opportunity to “Father” their brethren. Back around 2002 with the first national faith based initiative we had a wonderful opportunity to take many start up and struggling ministries and to provide guidance, structure and help to establish them. The focus was misplaced and opp lost. The Joshua Generation needs a cadre of leaders that are uncompromisingly committed to “Fathering.” Our prayers and thoughts are for and about you.

  3. David says:

    I am troubled by the fact that stimulating thought by African Americans continues to be diminished by the lack of proofreading (or just bad grammar).

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