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NFL Player Washington Redskins Albert Haynesworth Publicly Assaults All Black Women Worldwide…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) “I didn’t touch her. I don’t even like black girls. I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend. I couldn’t tell you the last time I dated a black girl. She was trying to get with me. ”

I had to do a double take when I read this in the Washington Post’s recent article about sexual abuse charges against NFL player Albert Haynesworth. Haynesworth – who is no stranger to controversy, was recently indicted for   assaulting a black waitress. In his defense he states that there’s no way he could have assaulted the woman because as he put it, “I don’t even like black girls…”

Whether Haynesworth sexually assaulted the waitress or not is up to the courts to decide. However, what is crystal clear is that Haynesworth did indeed attack and assault the black waitress and every other black woman with his hateful spew of words when he said “I don’t even like black girls,” and used this as his defense against sexual abuse charges. Haynesworth’s public outburst about his disdain for black women and his use of it as a legal shield is unacceptable.

Even global warming can’t explain the current atmosphere that has enabled SOME and I want to say it again SOME (not all) black male public figures to think it is acceptable to openly batter the character of all black women and to tell the entire world that they despise the very same woman that they came from. Last time we checked – Haynesworth definitely looked like he originated from the Motherland.

Let’s further examine Haynesworth’s defense to his sexual abuse charge, “I know what this is about, she is just upset I have a white girlfriend. I couldn’t tell you the last time I dated a black girl. She was trying to get with me.”

Sadly, Haynesworth’s rant shines a bright spotlight on a growing psychological cancer shared among SOME (again, not all) black men that think it is ok to lambaste the entire race of black women publicly and to speak about them in such a demeaning way in order to justify their decision to exclusively date and marry non-black women. Remember the other NFL player – Chad Ocho Cinco’s calculated elimination and demand to VH1 producers to delete all black girls from his reality dating show? Even the white producers knew this was wrong and had to coax Ocho Cinco to keep two token black girls in the running.

This expanding anti-date black woman rhetoric has also been shared across the color line. Let’s not forget John Mayer’s vicious racist comments about black women last year that caused Holly Robinson Peete to go to the media and publicly rebuke his brazen disrespect.

What is most disturbing to black women about this growing phenomenon – is the public arrogance that many with this mindset have when referencing black women and what seems to be an intentional defamation of all black women. What is equally maddening is the automatic exclusion of black women as dating options based on their race. I could take a black woman that one of these Haynesworth-minded men “don’t like” – paint her white – and poof – she now would be a potential mate with a ring on it.

If employers came out and said, “We don’t hire blacks! We don’t even like them.” Every black person would be up in arms and shout racism. Discrimination – or same race discrimination – is exactly what Haynesworth and others like him that profess the “I only date white girls” mantra are spreading.

Black women just want an equal opportunity to find love – so all you Haynesworth-types, keep your smear campaign about black women to yourself. At a minimum, have some self respect for the sake of your own black mother, black sisters, and above all – your black daughters. After all, you are black and came from a black woman. Like it or not.

Furthermore, if all of the professions about non-black women being such better wives than black women were so true – then the NFL’s Michael Strahan would still be with his ex-white wife, Tiki Barber would still be with his ex-Asian wife and the NBA’s Tony Parker would still be with his ex-Hispanic wife.

Even when we have a screaming example of a beautiful black woman such as Michelle Obama – black women can’t seem to catch a break. I hardly think President Obama would have made it to the Whitehouse if Michelle was not a loving and supportive companion. Yet some in the black community would have you think that she is an isolated case – a freak of nature from the norm. However, there are many other “Michelles” around the world – but they are never given a chance by some men simply because of their skin color.

On a final note, as a football fan, I say shame on you NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell for condoning this behavior by standing mute when one of your employees publicly denounces the entire race of black women and uses us as a scapegoat for their legal drama. I thought the NFL was trying to change its thug image.

Imagine if Haynesworth had said, “I don’t even like Jewish women, I can’t even remember the last time I dated one!” How long would it be before Haynesworth was suspended and his actions investigated before he would be dismissed from the NFL? No one would question the Anti-Defamation League coming to the defense of Jewish women (as they should) against such an offensive public attack. However, no one comes to the aid and defense of black women when such obvious bigotry is displayed.

So, I have a suggestion. I and the thousands of black women like me will not financially support any teams with players that suffer from the Haynesworth “I don’t even like black girls,” syndrome. No tickets, no NFL fan gear and no products that endorse these types of individuals. Haynesworth and Ocho Cinco must have forgotten about the collective buying power of women and that we make 85% of all purchase decisions.

In 2006, when Albert Haynesworth kicked fellow NFL player Andre Gurode in the face during a game, he publicly said “I apologize to Andre. What I did was disgusting. It’s something that should never happen. I mean, I’m not a dirty player. I don’t play dirty. I have respect for the game. What I feel like is I disgraced the game, disgraced my team and disgraced my last name.” Haynesworth’s comments about black women show just how much of a dirty player he still is. His tirade against black women was equally “disgusting and something that should have never happened.” And yes, we deserve a public apology too.

Written By Yasmeen Muqtasid

Official website; http://www.blackwomenmatter.com

Follow her on twitter also; http://www.twitter.com/bwmatter


14 Responses to “NFL Player Washington Redskins Albert Haynesworth Publicly Assaults All Black Women Worldwide…”
  1. Umm Yeah says:

    Wow, how did I miss this article!

  2. Cristal says:

    these is just a wast of time there better things and more important that a man that dont like black women and his mama

  3. Lei says:

    @ Yasmeen Muqtasid

    It’s much better to boycott the ADVERTISERS who sponsor commercial time during those games. Not buying NFL gear does not make much of an impact. But when you decide to pressure advertising sponsors?? That’s when people listen and take you seriously as Black people who know how to use their economic power to sway change!

  4. Lei says:

    When your mama is a “Black girl”, I do have a problem with a Black man saying he doesn’t like someone like his mama.

    Naturally, human beings almost always prefer a mate who reminds them of their mother/father. This is the order of things.

    When a Black man with a Black mama says he doesn’t like women who look more like his mama, YES, I have a problem with that. That is the kind of self-hating individual I tend to avoid.

    This isn’t about “preference”, and you young bucks trying to pass it off as that are just foolish. Any psychiatrist worth his salt would say this man is suffering from self-contempt.

    I feel sorry for the woman who has to deal with that sort of psychosis.

  5. RJjr says:

    Reference is made to the beautiful Michelle Obama and why black women cannot get a break. Well, Michelle grew up with both her parents (mother and father) and with that, she understands her roll as a wife, mother and supporter of her husband combind with maintainting her beauty to keep her husband interest. She earned this from being raised by both parents and seeing the roll her mother played and observing her father run their houseold.

    Many Sisters may possess the outter beauty initially, but lack all the essentials that one aquire when they have a father and mother raising them and demostrating how a relationship should be. Too many of our young black people are being raised by just their mothers. This scenario create the “strong black women” too strong to love and comform to the male/female relationship. It also create the “lazy black man” that sit around and expects the women to do everything.

    As Black people, we have to examine this issue objectively and honestly. I grew up in Connecticut with my mom and my syblings. As a young man, I had to seek instructions outside of my conventional family to assure myself that I will be the kind of man that is condusive to compete in our culture and be competitive in the business world; otherwise, I would have been typical Brotha that makes babies and leave them to their moms to raise and ultimately continue this bad cycle that our black race is experiencing.

    I challenge our sisters (black women) to be the best that you can be; stay beatiful both intellectually and physically. Concentrate on health and fitness. Do not be the object of the heaviest, loudest, rowdiest person in the room. It’s okay to examine other race of women to get tips. If it works for them, it will work for you. I did not have all the examples around me and had to look outside my race to become a successful man.

  6. Ms Mobetter says:

    Reading some of the comments above, it appears that many did not really read Yasmeen’s article correctly. Most black women do not have a problem with a preference. We all have preferences in who and how we date and marry. The problem black women have is when a person makes statements that are degrading and inconsistent with the beautiful women we really are. Albert obviously made a statement to cover up for his alleged poor conduct, and in doing so, contributed to creating a negative picture for black women around the world. We are simply tired of some black men who think it is okay to publicly degrade the very women who sacrificed in order for them to have an opportunity to be in their successful careers.

  7. dan says:

    I think this man was obviously stating his personal preference. He is not a spokesperson for Black men or athletes for that matter so what he stated must be taken for face value, a personal statement based on his personal predjudice toward Black women. Why he think or feel this way is irrelevant to me as a Black man and should be just as irrelevant to Black women in general. I certainly won’t be taking his advice and I am sure that thousands if not millions of Black men don’t share his views, including Black Athletes. However, the women who seem to be most offended by men with this mentality usually seem to be those who allow such a disrespectful man ( black, White or Otherwise) to define women and their personal definitions or measurements of a man based on athletic prowness and/or money which is often why what he and others say to such a degree of ignorance seem to have such great impact. My question as a Black man is why would you want a Black man with this mentality regardless of his position and money when there are so many others athletes and otherwise who love and respect you enough to die for you at any cost. I am personally tired of sisters( black women) who allow this nonsense to offend them or provoke them in any way, especially when they respond with a public attack on Black men athletes or not though if we are in some way responsible for this idiot or those who share his ideology. Wake up please. He don’t represent Black men or Black athletes. Check the statistics, heck, look around your community. Look at all the Black couples families an otherwise. Dude is the minority and don’t matter. We know the statistics on his ideas just as we know the numbers on those who preceded him with the same ideas. Calm down my sister, there are men out herewho love you fro your head to your toes. Black women have not lost a man with this idiot, he lost you and we know what happens to a man who has no woman to have his back, especially a black man, (self destruction) MANDINGO!!!!! He will someday learn this. Lets hope and pray he learn it sooner and without self destruction. Meanwhile, stop wasting your time on this kind my sisters. Somewhere there is a Black man or a man period Black or non-Black who will love you, respect you and stand up for you at all cost and that is the man you should be listening to with every word he says. Now I am going to tell my wife how much I love her from the inner most depth of her loving spirit to the outer shell of her beautiful Black skin and may a real Black man come to tell you the same at times like this. Peace.

  8. Shady_Grady says:

    The majority of black athletes in the NBA or NFL are married to or in relationships with black women-NOT non-black women-just like the vast majority of their less famous/less wealthy counterparts. For every black athlete that is paired off with a woman that is not black there are 6-7 who are with a black woman.


    Haynesworth may be an idiot but he has the right to his happiness just like Halle Berry or Thandie Newtown or Naomi Campbell or Mellody Hobson do.

    Making a parallel between personal sexual/physical preference to job discrimination is not a very useful comparison. That is unless one wishes to pass a constitutional amendment requiring people (or to be honest-rich black men) to date, marry and reproduce according to a strict set of guidelines laid out by the EEOC. Good luck with that.

  9. confused says:

    I’m not really sure who is more ignorant here. The person who wrote this article or the people who are jumping on this bandwagon. For a person to say they don’t like black girls in the context of dating, is only stating a preference. Is it wrong for him to have a choice? I’m not defending him by any means, by why is a personal preference being attacked? What if he grew up in an environment where there were not many positive black women? We don’t know his background or why he has this preference, but its still just a preference.

    Do you see black men ranting when non-black men marry black women? Why is this argument always being done by black females. Get over yourselves and step your game up.

  10. Odile says:

    Jo, you’re obviously a woman who benefits from this mentality we are witnessing. The man supposedly said “I don’t even like black women” and surely you know and understand the deep impact of that statement. It’s sad you have to chose such hateful sentiments to bond with your black men. BTW what do you think will happen to dark-skinned biracial girls now that many black men are downgrading them as well?

  11. Frank says:

    In response to the above comments, its true that most black athletes are ignorant, have low intelligence and end up broke. But the women they tend to attract, black and white, are just as equally low themselves. So people should get upset when this stuff happens.

  12. Arthur Lewin says:

    I find it hilarious when Black men say they can’t stand Black women or Black women say they can’t stand Black men. It takes a Black man and a Black woman to produce a Black man or a Black woman. Any such statements mean we can’t stand ourselves.

    To those that say, not necessarily, a Black man and a white woman will produce a Black child, yes, but if the child follows the example of his father, which is quite likely, then eventually the offspring will no longer be Black. And is this the foolish plan upon which so many of us are embarked? Trying to erase ourselves from the face of the earth?

    No one can say why any two people are together. However, we can observe a trend. The majority of Black NBA and NFL athletes have non-black mates. Clearly, the group, not pointing to any particular athlete, has low self-esteem and severe identity issues. The group is proclaiming to the world, “We are ashamed of ourselves.” Note that most of them are broke, and divorced, five years after their playing days are done, and the ex-spouses have the money and the kids. Everybody knows this, but each year a crop of new Black athletes arrives on the scene following doggedly along the same foolish path.

  13. Jo says:

    So what if he doesn’t wanna date black girls? It’s not like he said he hates them (that’d mean he hates his mother too-which he might). He probably wouldn’t even mind being friends with them, he just doesn’t wanna date black girls. Why exactly is that wrong?

  14. kim says:

    Haynesworth is an idiot- and I dont even have to used what he’s said recently to prove my point. Tha fact that you are a multimillionaire paid athelete who refuses to practice, show up on time and respect your coaches for a game that is obviously overfeeding you-is ridiculous, so as a professional player of any game he is by all standards idoitic……then there’s the traffic altercation last year where he got made at a fellow driver who cut him off, followed the man, cursed at him and wen the man rolled down the window this big ass, on tv everyday, hay for brains idiot hit the man in the face and drove off AS IF>>>>what an idiot or as the kids say …”THIS GUY!!”

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