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Dr. Boyce Watkins; Black Fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi Members Arrested After Alleged Hazing Incident…

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(ThyBlackMan.com) The Bakersfield Police Department has confirmed that four men were arrested in a hazing incident involving students at California State University.  As of Saturday, police were investigating an alleged felonious assault involving members of the Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity.

The report was initiated after a 25-year old man was admitted to the hospital as a result of the incident.  The investigation found that between March 28  and April 25, four students were assaulted on multiple occasions.  The assaults included beatings and being shot at close range with a BB gun.

The members of the fraternity involved in the alleged incident are not officially sanctioned by the university.  They do, however, recruit students from the CSUB campus through a club they’ve established.

Ryan Nichols and Deandre Horn, both 22-years old, were arrested in the alleged incident.  They are being charged with assault with a deadly weapon, torture and conspiracy.  Darlington Agu, 24, and Ricky Joy Jr., 20, are being charged with hazing and conspiracy.  Another student, 22-year old Philemon Norris, is wanted and police are searching for him.

As a person who’s taught on college campuses for the last 18 years, I’d like to lay out some quick thoughts for contemplation as a result of this incident.  I’ve seen this kind of thing happen on multiple campuses on which I’ve taught (U. Kentucky, Indiana University, The Ohio State University and now Syracuse) and it honestly leaves me fuming:


1) What in the hell are we thinking? College is a venue for higher learning, not a place where you should deliberately ruin your life by becoming obsessed with Greek culture.  I’ve seen students delay their graduation by several years because they’ve become entrenched in a life full of ridiculous and dangerous behavior.  I know far too many brothers who are alcoholics years later after taking their first drink with their frat brothers on a college campus.  College is a place to learn, not a place to destroy, distract and humiliate yourself and your family.  If any of my kids were to get arrested after being involved in something like this, they’d just have to stay in jail.  

2) Be leaders, not followers.  In many cases, hazing incidents occur because there are group members who are afraid to speak up against stupidity.  So, rather than back away from irresponsible behavior when it happens, some students choose to become complicit.  What young people have to realize is that one bad mistake in one night can send your entire future up in smoke.  These men are now at risk of going through life with felonies on their record, all because they were trying to “fit in with their boys.”  Perhaps it’s time to grow up.

3) One can’t condemn Greek life altogether, for there are many favorable outcomes that result from black Greek letter organizations.  But all too often, Greek affiliations are taken far too seriously, leading to violence, sexual irresponsibility, horrible academic performance and other poor decisions that can serve to jeopardize your ability to get an education.  Perhaps it’s time to call a spade a spade and take a stand against this kind of behavior on our campuses.  We must help our kids understand that college is a place to grow, not the ultimate party spot.  Yes, I said it:  There’s nothing wrong with studying on the weekends – Indian and Asian students do it and their academic performance is off the charts.  Perhaps we should set our standards a little higher and stop congratulating Pookie for the fact that he didn’t drop out of college.  We need to demand that our young men and women be the best that they can be.  Being an outstanding student doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun; but there is something called “balance” which serves as one of the fundamental keys to success.

I feel bad for these young men, for some of them were too young to realize the significance of their mistake.  But we should blame ourselves when this kind of thing goes down, because many of us are afraid to speak up and make it clear to our kids that there’s no room for nonsensical involvement in activities that can undermine your chance to succeed.  Again, this is not indictment against Greek culture in its entirety, but you can’t pretend like you never saw any of this silly stuff while you were in college.   Come on people, let’s put it to an end.

Staff Writer; Dr. Boyce Watkins

Dr. Boyce Watkins is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.  For more information, please visit http://BoyceWatkins.com.


9 Responses to “Dr. Boyce Watkins; Black Fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi Members Arrested After Alleged Hazing Incident…”
  1. Peerless Perception says:

    Brother Doctor
    you are correct from an intellectual standpoint. Oh & let me point out that these activities go on in 75-80% of fraternities & sororities. I attended a PWI & the white fraternities hazed just as hard. In some cases, WORSE! As it pertains to these young men, just as you said youth does play a major role in these situations. I believe the male brain doesn’t mature fully until age 27 or 28. Brother, scroll through your mental rolodex & remind yourself of things you did between 18-27. I’ve compartmentalized all the stupid mistakes I’ve made around that age and I refer to them when I’m off my []. Its gonna take a concerted effort (across the racial divide) to eradicate hazing @ all institutions.

    ” When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put the ways of childhood behind me.”

  2. TB11 says:

    Im sorry Frank but that last statement really seem ill advised. I am a Senior, who just Pledged Kappa Alpha Psi Last semester. I am an RA, I am involved in the Collegiate 100, SIFE, DELTA SIGMA PI Business Fraternity, Inc. and will be graduating in May. I have gotten a lot of help over the last few months because of the fraternity. To say that we should dismantle all black greek’s is slightly racist. Yes there are very much so chapters that do not hold up the frats integrity, but to expunge all black greek letter organization is punishing all for the view. I am the proof of intellectualism. My father is, who is also my brother in this fraternity, is proof as well. You can mot simply say that a few accounts for all. Its downright wrong. Yes we are entitled to our own opinions, put think about what you say before you say it. The proof is there! LOOK!!!

  3. KB says:

    I dislike reading these types of information about our Fraternity’s hazing in the news.. It is down right disgusting and should be banned from the top immediately.. I know the the Fraternity has a no-Hazing policy in place; however, this is not working… The Polemarch from each region needs to step up and eliminate these renegades from our ranks.. How do you do that? Well tell each advisor that the pledges should not adhere to the hazing and not listen to anyone except the advisor’s direction.. If the advisor is the problem, then this renegade should be dismissed immediately.. I have been in the fraternity for more than 25 years and have be a Guide Right Director and Youth Advisor for the same period. I informed my son(s) as I have instructed them that if there is any clue of hazing don’t be afraid to let the advisor know, if nothing is done, then call me ASAP…I will have the authorities on Campus for Assault and Battery Charges against whoever, whenever… This type of abuse is intolerable in my sight and in the leadership of Kappa Alpha Psi.. We need to press charges and eliminate these renegadesforever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yes I am angry…everytime I hear about this type of foolishness!!!!!! Let’s get real men in Kappa Alpha Psi as true mentors for our youth… Forget about the social hoopla on campus.. Especially from Kappas who has absolutely nothing to offer anyone.

  4. Jdgwisd says:

    The black greek orgaanizations have failed in one respect: Allowing their chapters to concentrate on membership at the expense of the orgainzations orgins. These organizations were founded when overt racism on college campuses theatened the social welfare of African American students attenting these schools. Yes, black greek letter orgaizations will suffer and die through ignoring the gang warfare that has taken root. I know. Being an officer in the graduate chapter of my fratenity keeps me in the know of these happenings. The foolishness happens, while everyone ignores it.

  5. Markus says:

    in response to Ted and Frank. I am 22 years old and I have been contemplating on joining a Fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi to be exact. The school I attended here in Louisiana had Kappa’s and what I heard about them and the “hazing” that is suppose to be illegal now, is not worth it for the simple fact I don’t see a brotherhood with them. I would be lying if I said all, but the majority of them do not show this. I also made friends with some of them but I feel its more on an associate level for the simple reason that some see me as a homosexual. They think this because I grew up with a family with all females every male is jail except 2, one dead and the other in the military. Don’t get me wrong I still want to join your fraternity but a known homosexual that recently crossed lost a lot of respect for the simple fact that he basically lied and was forced to videotape himself having sex with a girl. I also was told from his LB that he was hazed the most out of his other LBs. So if this is what’s in store for me I really don’t see the use of joining especially when theres no unity among these guys and the lack of community service they do. I feel and this is just my opinion, but I feel that every chapter should and needs to be evaluated because every time I change my mind to actually pledge and do more research I come across another incident of carelessness act.

    God bless and I hope we as black people can do better then what we are doing, especially the guys who aspire to be Greek because it’s not just Kappa Alpha Psi.

  6. Ted Bagley says:

    It is so narrow minded to think that the negative incidents on our college campuses should result in the elimination of black greek organizations. Society tends to focus on these type incidents rather than those where organizations are serving their communities, developing Guide Right programs for young men and women, getting involved in the political process and focusing on support for our seniors.That’s what real Greek life is all about.

    Like anyone else , Frank has a right to his opinion but if his recommendation were those of the majority, very few organizations would exist. Deal with those who make bad decisions verses punishing a whole organization. I wonder has he ever made a mistake as a young person? What he is doing to help our young people verses condeming the Greek population. That’s like saying that if a young person commits a crime, then we should punish all young people. Let’s look at the glass as half full instead of half empty. Unfortunately, Frank…there are too many who feel as you do and that’s sad. Oh, by the way…I am a Kappa man, a vice president of a large corporation, a family man and I contribute a lot of the success that I have had from my involvement in Kappa and being around other accomplished me who are greeks.

  7. Frank says:

    Zak, there are a few examples when the Greek system works but over all I think it still should be phased out. Back in the day when I was in school my roommate was a Kappa, who tried to get me to pledge his frat with a lot of talk about black unity. To make a long story short I never saw any unity, pride or real black self help. Only ramped drug and alcoholic abuse, loose sexual activity with the occasional STD scare, and absolutely no intellectual ism. When you look at all the problems facing black America today, these fraternities and sororities could really make a difference by volunteering in a number of capacities to lift our communities up. But they have demonstrated this is not even on their agenda.

  8. Zak says:


    In reply to your statement Frank, I have to disagree with you. Greek lettered organizations promote and excel a student through college and life. I am a better person after joining my fraternity. I am a better leader, person and student. The chapters that make mistakes, screw up because they lost what the were originally founded upon and what to do. No fraternity or sorority promotes hazing or backwardness, on the contrary, academics, brotherhood/sisterhood and leadership. Dismantling the Greek organizations will take away the passion students have to succeed in college. I am a junior studying engineering and a member of a fraternity on campus.

  9. frank says:

    The Greek system should be dismantled; I hate to say it but especially the black Greeks, where is the intellectualism, the promoting and enhancement of our black communities? It really does not exist, I know the white Greeks do stupid things too but lets face it they’re white and society is structured for them to succeed. Therefore they can get away with foolishness.

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