The Religious Slavery of Black Negroes in America… :

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The Religious Slavery of Black Negroes in America…

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( Having studied different sources to support my theories on why I believe Jesus of Nazareth never existed, I no longer participate in religious slavery. Before I saw such documentaries as Zeitgeist, I had already reached the conclusion based on overwhelming evidence that Jesus Christ was not even an historical figure. In addition, I believe there was a revolutionary leader named Yahshua, a Hebrew that was crucified by the Romans because they felt he was a threat to the government. Part of Yahshua’s story and historicity was used to create the mythical Jesus of the Four Gospels. The “ancient” Roman priesthood and aristocracy also used attributes of a solar deity known as Mithra to create the character and life of Jesus. The Mithraic priesthood exist today as the Roman Catholic Church with its cult worship of the false “white” Messiah Jesus. Like Jesus, Mithra was born on December 25th. Mithra was born of a virgin, performed miracles, and brought salvation to mankind. Mithra was buried in a tomb and resurrected from the dead after three days.

The ancient Roman priesthood, which is present-day Roman Catholicism has its beginning in the First Century A.D. despite what is written in most history  books concerning the official beginning of the Catholic Church being much later than the First Century A.D. The religious concepts of Islam, Judaism and Christianity were stolen concepts out of Africa. But these religious institutions, especially Christianity have been used to decimate indigenous peoples around the world, and to perpetuate the slavery and control of indigenous peoples around the world. This is one reason why the ancient Roman priesthood and aristocracy created most of the biblical stories, and also plagiarized ancient sources to make up many biblical stories.

Another purpose for creating the mythical tales of the Bible and for creating a new god-man Savior called Jesus was to gain political advantage, to use the new Christian movement with a false resurrected Savior to help bring both political and religious rest to the Roman Empire, and to use the new religion to control the masses. Rome was a great religious center in the ancient world. Jerusalem was another great religious center. The Messianic Judaic movement (Messianic Judaism) in the First Century A.D. gave the Roman authorities much trouble with many insurrectionists and seditionists who were quickly executed by the Romans. In biblical scripture, Jesus was brought before the Roman governor, Pontius Pilate after the so-called trial of Jesus before the Sanhedrin, but historically all those like the so-called Jesus who were a threat to the established order in Judea were immediately executed or crucified when they’ve been discovered and caught by the authorities.

Historically, Pilate if he even existed, was a savage man who hated Hebrew customs, according to the ancient historian named Philo. Pontius Pilate did not grant trials to insurrectionists and seditionists. He had them swiftly executed. In addition, the province of Iudea (Judea) was full of Black People. The Romans decimated much of Africa and enslaved its population. The territories known today as the Middle East were in ancient times countries belonging to dark-skinned people who ruled in those lands before the Europeans like Alexander, Julius Caesar, Marcus Antonius, Octavius Augustus, and Pompey came and devided the territories, and also set themselves up as rulers in those territories. The ancient European aristocrats learned many religious concepts from the people they decimated. They stole much of the history of ancient Black civilizations, and claimed them as their own.

The Bible is a compilation of myths and histories that were directly stolen out of African libraries and temples throughout the African civilized world. For example, the biblical creation story was a plagiarization of the creation story of the Metu Neter, which is the first system of writing in ancient Kemet (this is, Egypt). The Metu Neter is sacred writing, which mean in Kemetic language, Words of God. The Metu Neter dates back to a PREVIOUS EARTH AGE! The Greeks had referred to the Metu Neter as hieroglyphics. These hieroglyphics can be seen all over the temples, tombs and other ancient monuments in today’s Egypt, which is a Greek name given to the land by Alexander of Macedon.

Please note that the story of Moses and the Exodus is NOT historical. The character of Moses was plagiarized from varying sources. The most notable historical figure from which the character of Moses was taken was the Pharaoh Ahmose. There is no historical record of a Mass Exodus of Israelites out of Egypt, but there is Ahmose’s account of having driven foreigners from his land. These foreigners were known as the Hyksos. Ahmose had liberated Egypt from the Hyksos rulers, which were European rulers who had controlled Kemet for two hundred years. As for the figure named Jesus, there is no historical evidence that he ever existed. But I do believe there was a revolutionary figure named Yahshua or perhaps Yeshua that existed, but he wasn’t the Jesus of the Four Gospels. Yeshua is not the same person as the mythical Jesus! There was a Messianic movement in Iudea (Roman province) where the Judeans (Iudeans) fought the Romans, and subsequently, to usher in the new kingdom of Y’srael. Yeshua or Y’shua was a possible threat to the government, because he was possibly a type of Messianic leader. This man was crucified by the Romans, and so were many others who were thought to be seditionists and insurrectionists.

It said that 500 Judeans per day were crucified in 70 A.D. There are many fabricated stories and forgeries concerning Jesus. The historian Flavius Josephus’ account concerning Jesus has been shown to be a forgery or deliberate lie. There is no archaelogical or historical proof that the Jesus of the Gospels ever existed. But there are historical accounts on the Messianic movement in Judea in the First Century A.D. Perhaps, the Messiah of the Messianic movement was very much different from the Jesus of the Four Gospels.

The Adam and Eve biblical version is a direct plagiarization from the sacred writing of the Metu Neter. According to the Egyptian creation story of the first man and woman, they were said to be created by the god Atum. According to the Egyptians, in the beginning, there was only a great abyss called Nu, and out of this watery chaos came Atum, the sun god. It is said that Atum had created a hill out of the waters. Atum had created the first man and woman. The Egyptians said that Atum gave birth to his son by spitting him out. Then he vomited out his daughter. Atum’s son, Shu and daughter, Tefnut continued the act of creation. At a certain point in time, Shu and Tefnut became separated from their father. Atum had removed his only eye and sent it out into the earth to search for his children.

They eventually returned with the eye, and Atum had wept tears of joy. Where Atum’s tears hit the ground men grew. Shu and Tefnut had later became the parents of Geb (the Earth) and Nut (the Sky). Geb and Nut gave birth to Osiris, Isis, Seth and Nephthys. Thus, the story of creation, according to the Egyptians. Remember, the first African human fossils date back millions of years, and therefore, the first man and woman according to the Genesis account is a plagiarized version of the original creation story dating back to a PREVIOUS EARTH AGE.

The Egyptian creation story came from the Metu Neter, which is the first sacred script. According to the Genesis account on the Adam/Eve story, they were created in our PRESENT-DAY earth age. Now, if Adam and Eve is the first man and woman created by God (but there were people before Adam and Eve as outlined even in biblical text), then what about the creation of the first man and woman found in the Metu Neter, which are historical records from a PREVIOUS EARTH AGE? Going from Adam to Enoch to Noah to Abraham to David to Christ would definitely put Adam as a created being in our present-day earth age! Biblical writers have lied to us!

Written By Alberta Parish

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9 Responses to “The Religious Slavery of Black Negroes in America…”
  1. yis'sh'yah says:


  2. Chris Jeff says:

    For the record, the kind of chattel slavery that occurred in America was unprecedented. The Africans who sold their prisoners and enemies off to whites on Africa’s west coast had no idea what they were selling them off to. Nor did they care…Either way, we are not them. We are the ones who were sold, so get off of that Africa crap.

    Staff Writer

  3. Deeann D. Mathews says:

    I always smile at any argument based on a “The Bible is a European fabrication” platform, for I know the Bible contains many, many things that no self-respecting European, had he control over its writing, ever would have left in it.

    It is true that much that passes for Christianity on European terms is directly plagiarized from Egyptian sources and thus a fraud. But Christianity predates European influence, period, by decades, and was African first, first whether or not one considers the validity of “Black Hebrews,” which I do — but first also according to the Bible, as Christianity was introduced to an African in Acts 8 before coming to a European in Acts 10. The Bible thus emphatically DENIES the myth that Africa needed Europeans to “bring” Christianity to it: the rise of so many African theologians in the first century actually suggests the reverse.

    One also notes from the Bible that early Christianity harmonized well enough with African practices at that time that the Bible has no epistles written to specifically correct the behavior of African Christians, but the Romans, Galatians, and Corinthians apparently needed a lot of help to grasp it all (hence the books by that name).

    The Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments, tags the most evil rulers the world has ever and will ever see as European, coming out of the Greek (check the book of Daniel) and Roman worlds (check the books of Daniel and Revelation). Given the way modern Europeans look up to Greece and Rome, there is no way these references would have been left in place if Europeans had written the Bible.

    The first country expressed by name in the Bible that we can identify today is Cush, or Ethiopia (Genesis 2:14).

    When God wanted to protect Jesus Christ from evil rulers, one might notice He did not send His Son to London, Paris, Athens, or Rome… “Out of Egypt have I called My Son” (Matthew 2:15)

    The first European referenced in the Bible is Alexander the Great, but he doesn’t rank quite that high in God’s Book. He does not even get referred to until late in the Old Testament, and then only as a “rough goat” (Daniel 8:21)

    The Bible contains beautiful prophecies about the eternal future of both Egypt and Ethiopia, but predicts the utter destruction of the revived Roman Empire that Europe even now is working so feverishly to create (Daniel and Revelation)!

    Finally, the genealogy of Jesus Christ, if it were a European fabrication, would surely contain some proto-European inclusions. But go back to the lists in Genesis 10 which lists the sons of Japheth, from whom Europeans descend (you can even find some ancient names similar to some European countries and cities today). Genesis 10 and 11 show two things no self-respecting European would permit to be known: first, none of his foreparents had anything to do with the founding of civilization, and none of his foreparents are anywhere mentioned in the genealogy of Jesus Christ! Civilization first comes out of the line of Ham, followed by Shem… and the genealogy of Jesus Christ is the exact reverse; mostly Shem, with some Ham in there. Whether we are talking therefore about preeminent earthly greatness or preeminent eternal greatness, Europeans are NOWHERE near it!

    One more bonus thing that should be dear to the heart of every Black person: “And he that stealeth a man, and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand, shall surely be put to death” — that is Exodus 21:16. That one verse, if obeyed, would have put an end to chattel slavery all by itself.

    And so… before we throw out the Bible, is it too much to ask that we know what we are throwing out? In some ways it is the most revealing book about Europeans NOT being the center and goal of world history, and NOT having a monopoly on God, and NOT being able to carry on in oppressive ways forever, that has ever been written! I recommend that no Black person believe in the Bible blindly, but that no Black person turn away who has not taken the time to seriously study the Bible itself, and not just another’s opinion of it. The same goes for Jesus of Nazareth … study what is said in the Bible about Him instead of just listening to other’s opinions before you make a choice. He is important enough, in the affairs of tine and eternity, to be worthy of your study.

  4. Vic says:

    Bless”(YHWH”),father of the light! It seams that it is true,” that if you tell a lie enough and hide the lie(s) between 2 true’s, then it is next to impossible” for the carnal-minded to see and know the lie(s)! My soul” beyond my poor thinking, bares witness to the truth stated by you Ms Alberta Parish. Thank you for the truth! May (YHWH) keep you-all as(EZEKIEL 36 states, protecting your staff (Rev 2:9) from the the daughters/agents of Edom.

    Thank You.

  5. Eleanie says:

    Not as a point for argument but, for my enlightment. Is it possible to get information on your sources? I am familiar with the Metu Neter. What other resources did you obtain your information from?

  6. Jacqui says:

    As a black Christian and an ex-atheist. I most certainly do believe and KNOW that Jesus Christ existed then, exists now and will always exist. He is the same today and forevermore!

    As far as slavery goes. I somewhat agree with the comment made by Cloudwalker222, even if this was a dig. Africans sold Africans into slavery. Yes the white man did an evil and wicked thing (and some of them still continue to do evil) but unfortunately we assisted him originally purely for monetary and material gain!

  7. Cloudwalker222 says:

    Europeans purchased african slaves from other africans. Africa had a cast system that allowed slavery at the time is that not true? If you seek to point blame, blame your own kind. It’s always someoone elses problem or fault when it comes to past hardships.

  8. Brian Foulks says:

    Frank I am not convinced that the Christian introduced Christianity to all of Africa because you do have great believers who came out of Africa before slavery; Augustine, the ethopian eunuch that Peter baoptizes, Athanasius, Tertullian…all these great theologianswere from the African province…the European intrioduced something but it was not the Chrisitianity that they held to or knew….

  9. frank says:

    As a Christian I do believe in Jesus, but as far as slavery is concerned Europeans introduced Christianity to Africa not as so much to spread the gospel, but to subdue Africans. This was part of their colonialism strategy; most whites didn’t even believe blacks had souls.

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